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Health & Fit: Skin Fasting: How Good Is The Beauty Diet Really For The Skin?

Busy at home: easy recipe for matcha tea cake

 Busy at home: easy recipe for matcha tea cake © Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash Busy at home: easy recipe for matcha tea cake We decided to rhyme confinement and contentment! This is why today we are revealing the easy recipe for matcha tea cake. Enjoy your meal ! A while ago, we told you about matcha green tea , widely used in our favorite beauty products .

Diät für die Haut: So sinnvoll ist der Beauty-Trend Skin Fasting wirklich Imaxtree © Imaxtree Diet for the skin: The skin-trend beauty trend really makes sense. Imaxtree

fasting cures in everyday life rely on millennia-old traditions that promise a cleansing and regenerating effect for the body and mind. fasting of care products is said to have the same effect for skin . We took a closer look at the beauty trend and explain below how good this diet really is for the skin.

Diet for the skin: that is behind the beauty trend Skin Fasting

The term skin fasting was first used ten years ago in Japan. This means the waiver of care products for a certain period of time. This is supposed to allow the skin to regenerate itself. So if you do not use detergents, creams and serums, you should give your skin the chance to build up its natural protective coat, which according to some experts is damaged by the excessive application of products. There are two different types of skin fasting: One variant propagates the complete abandonment of beauty products over a period of a few days. The second variant simply recommends a reduced use of the care products and relies on a minimalist beauty routine.

Dry Fasting Is A Version Of Intermittent Fasting That Restricts Liquids, And Yup, That Includes Water

  Dry Fasting Is A Version Of Intermittent Fasting That Restricts Liquids, And Yup, That Includes Water Some people do it for religious reasons, but it may not be safe if you're working out.And, even though you're not eating solid foods, most fasting plans allow you to have low- or zero- calorie beverages while you fast, like water, coffee, and tea. That is, unless you're following the super strict, kind of buzzy version called dry fasting, which also involves the elimination of *all* beverages for extended periods of time.

Skin Fasting: How it works on the skin

Fasting in the daily diet has been proven to have healthy effects. However, for skin care there is no scientific evidence that the complete absence of beauty products has a positive effect on the complexion. On the contrary: “By completely dispensing with care products, moisture and lipids are removed from the skin, which strengthen the skin's natural barrier and thus protect it from environmental pollution and weather influences,” explains Dr. med. Anna Brandenburg, dermatologist from Hamburg. "In addition, care products always have a certain meaning." For example, skin prone to acne relies on cleaning and anti-inflammatory agents in skin care products. In addition, the omission of antioxidants and the absence of daily sun protection accelerate the skin aging process. For example, if you stop stimulating products containing active ingredients such as Retinol overnight, regenerative processes such as cell building and collagen formation are interrupted.

Can You Do Keto and Intermittent Fasting Together?

  Can You Do Keto and Intermittent Fasting Together? One approach restricts what you eat, the other dictates when.Both approaches to eating can help you drop weight quickly and may offer additional health benefits.

skin diet: How skin fasting has a positive effect

So if you want to give your skin a break, you'd better reduce the number of products in your beauty routine. "Too many different products and too many layers on top of each other do not always complement each other perfectly," says Dr. med. Anna Brandenburg. The result can be irritation and redness. In particular, over-care can also attack the skin's natural protective coat. For example, certain active ingredients can have an aggressive effect on freshly peeled skin. Skincare layering can also clog pores and prevent the skin from breathing.

therefore rely on multitasking products to avoid layering, such as a combination of day cream, sun protection factor and tint. If the product also contains zinc oxide, you can also use it to protect yourself from blue lights emitted by smartphones and computers. The dermatologist from Hamburg also recommends the use of highly concentrated individual active ingredients. “With substances identical to the body, such as hyaluronic acid, the allergenic potential that can lead to skin irritation is very low,” says Dr. Brandenburg. In combination with sun protection, you can counteract overcare. Avoiding the weekly peeling can also help to strengthen the skin's natural protective layer. According to the dermatologist, you should make this dependent on the respective condition of the skin. If it is fine-pored and pure, fasting the peeling can make sense.

7 Things Everyone Should Know Before Trying Intermittent Fasting .
The popular diet plan is trendier than ever—but it's not completely risk-free.Indeed, recent studies suggest intermittent fasting can help you shed pounds and stave off a host of chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. Some even point to its potential to prolong life. But the experts we interviewed note that these findings come with caveats: Most research on intermittent fasting has been done on animals, and the few human studies out there have looked primarily at indicators of health (like glucose levels) rather than actual health outcomes (like diabetes) and have lasted only a few months.

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