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  Shake Shack reveals how to make its iconic cheese sauce at home That cheese sauce that's half the reason you even order those amazing fries at Shake Shack is now something you can recreate at home. On May 11, the burger chain posted a video on Twitter and Facebook featuring its culinary director Mark Rosati that revealed the ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to make this cult favorite fast food menu item. Restaurant Secrets Every Home Cook Should Know The beginning of the video lists everything you'll need, which include American cheese, cheddar cheese, jalapeños, onions and heavy cream as the main ingredients.

Food keeps getting more expensive for Americans as the demand for groceries continues to surge during the pandemic.

a person standing in front of a store: Meat prices have been rising. © Jeff Amy/AP Meat prices have been rising.

Stay-at-home orders and restaurant closures have prompted more people to eat at home in recent months. As a result, the cost of food at home ticked up 0.7% in June from the previous month, according to seasonally adjusted data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While the increase eased slightly from a 1% rise in May from April, individual food items had some pretty wild swings. Here's what got more — and less — expensive in June.

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Prices went up

Once again, meat prices went up.

Overall, beef and veal prices rose 4.8%. Pork prices grew 3.3% and bacon got 8.1% more expensive. Hot dog prices grew 4.9%. Frozen fish and seafood got 1% more expensive.

Americans also paid more for sweets. Cakes, cupcakes and cookies got 1.8% pricier. For fresh cakes and cupcakes, prices went up 3.5%. Fresh doughnut prices rose 1.8%.

Flour costs went up 2.1%. Snacks got 2.1% more expensive, and carbonated drink prices grew 2.2%.

Coffee also got more expensive, with a 1.8% price increase. Breakfast cereal prices grew 1.1%. And fresh vegetables cost 1.3% more.

But some food items got cheaper.

Prices went down

The cost of eggs and dairy declined in June. Egg prices fell 2.7%. Butter got 1.7% cheaper, and milk prices slipped by 0.6%.

Apples got 2.1% less expensive.

And though dessert costs are up, the prices of sugar and sugar substitutes fell 1.3%.

Some prices stayed flat, though. Poultry prices remain basically steady with a slight 0.1% uptick. Rice and cheese both got 0.2% cheaper.

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