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Health & Fit: How the pandemic is actually helping ALS research

20 tips to relieve knee pain

  20 tips to relieve knee pain Whether it’s arthritis of the knee, injured ligaments, or runner’s knee, knee pain can have a wide variety of causes. Luckily, there are lots of ways to tackle this painful complaint. Here are 20 of them. Whether or not you have regular check-ups with a doctor, always check with a healthcare professional before trying any of these methods.

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Hope you all had restful weekends. Lydia Ramsey Pflanzer here with your daily dispatch of healthcare news.

Today: A look at how the pandemic changed ALS research, new data on remdesivir suggests it might not improve outcomes in COVID-19 patients, and 9 candidates that are our best short at a coronavirus treatment.

11 Signs Your Oxygen Level Dropped

  11 Signs Your Oxygen Level Dropped It's important to know the warning signs of low blood oxygen, also known as hypoxemia.

And in case you missed it: Over the weekend, the Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma for COVID-19 after feeling pressure from the White House to do so.

a woman sitting on a table: Dr. Merit Cudkowicz is speeding up how treatments for ALS are developed, even during the coronavirus pandemic. Sarah Bastille/Mass General © Provided by Business Insider Dr. Merit Cudkowicz is speeding up how treatments for ALS are developed, even during the coronavirus pandemic. Sarah Bastille/Mass General

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted clinical trials. A top ALS researcher explains how that helps the work she's doing.

  • Researchers led by Massachusetts General Hospital are testing several different drugs for ALS at the same time.
  • They had to delay clinical trials because of the coronavirus pandemic, but ended up finding ways to help people participate from their homes.
  • Lead researcher Dr. Merit Cudkowicz expects to have answers for three of the ALS drugs by next summer.

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Exactly When to Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight, Say Experts

  Exactly When to Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight, Say Experts When you eat your breakfast can be as important as what you’re eating. According to experts, it should be exactly within thirty minutes of waking up. "This will replenish your body from the night's sleep and allow it to function properly throughout the day," he says. "When you are hungry, your body stops burning calories. That means that your metabolism will dramatically slow down. You need to constantly be replenishing your body's stores to allow it to burn normally.

An ampule of drugmaker Gilead's remdesivir. Reuters © Reuters An ampule of drugmaker Gilead's remdesivir. Reuters

Remdesivir, the only FDA-authorized drug for COVID-19, may not significantly improve outcomes, a study found

  • The antiviral drug remdesivir was shown to speed up recovery times for COVID-19 patients in early research.
  • But a new study found that that patients given a 10-day course of remdesivir didn't fare much better than those treated without the drug.
  • Medical experts said based on these findings, making remdesivir widely available right now may not be worth the cost.

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a close up of a logo: Yuqing Liu/Business Insider © Provided by Business Insider Yuqing Liu/Business Insider

The world desperately needs coronavirus treatments, even if we get a vaccine. These 9 candidates are our best hope so far.

  • Hundreds of experimental COVID-19 treatments have entered clinical testing in the past several months.
  • Some of those therapies are designed to help during a certain stage of infection, while others target the body's inflammation response.
  • We've rounded up the nine candidates that the scientific community finds most promising, including antibody therapeutics, plasma, and interferon drugs.

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This Popular Eating Habit May Not Help You Lose Weight, Study Says

  This Popular Eating Habit May Not Help You Lose Weight, Study Says Time-restricted eating has been shown to be an effective strategy for weight loss, however, new research suggests it may not work for all.A recent study presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions takes the latter view. In this particular research, 41 overweight adults with either prediabetes or diabetes were followed in a 12-week study, with half of them sticking to a time-restricted eating pattern of eating 80% of their day's calories before 1 pm. The other participants consumed half their daily calories after 5 pm daily, which to clarify, is a fairly standard eating pattern among Americans.

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