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Health & Fit: malaria infection! So it's about Aubameyang

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang missing Arsenal in the important second leg at Slavia. Shortly before the game he shares his illness with malaria and reports out of the hospital.

Malaria-Infektion! So steht es um Aubameyang © Provided by malaria infection! So it's about Aubameyang

after the missed league game against Sheffield United is missing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang also in the quarter-final return match of the Europa League against Slavia Prague.

after the FC Arsenal had spoken several times several times in recent days, the striker was ill, but the exact diagnosis had not announced, the 31-year-old reported on Thursday evening itself.

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on his Instagram channel Aubameyang published a photo from the hospital bed and wrote:

"Unfortunately, I have infected myself on the country tour with Gabon a few weeks ago with malaria. I spend this week a few days in the hospital, but feel Every day better. [...] I'll get back stronger than ever! Now I'll see the Game of Guys, it's an important one for us! "

Aubameyang is infected with country tour

On March 25, the former BVB gate hunters in Gabon took home to the home game against the Dr Kongo, already four days later he was missing in the country in Angola.

Then, Aubameyang played two games, in the Premier League against FC Liverpool (April 3) as well as in the Europa League against Prague (VF first leg on 8 April), but since then is missing again.

Arsenal is fighting - without "Auba" - on Thursday evening in the second leg at Slavia for the entry into the semi-finals of the Europa League (first leg 1: 1).

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