Health & Fit: Ways Increased Screen Time Is Straining Your Body

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Are you living behind a screen? Do you spend more than six hours at a computer or with your phone a day? If so, your hands, wrists, and neck may be starting to feel the effects of your daily grind.

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So many people with busy lives deal with the discomfort that comes from being in front of screens all day, but where’s the relief?

If you spend most of your day online, you definitely know the impact of hours of screen time on your body and mind. But once again, where’s the relief? After sitting in the same position and repeating the same movements for hours, you need time to recover and recuperate overexerted muscles.

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What if, in addition to healing during recovery time, you could receive physical and mental performance improvement while sitting at your computer? What if the pain and anxiety caused by overexertion online could be addressed by all-natural ingredients that are backed by science?

That’s where SummaForte comes in.

By combining their innovative CBD product line with research into kinesiology for pain relief, your mind, body, and hands are finally in good hands.

#1: Screen Time Is Causing You Physical and Mental Anxiety

You may not realize it, but sitting all day behind screens without proper care can cause you lifelong pain and mental stress. However, since screens are here to stay, it’s important to start thinking about ways to counteract these inevitable effects.

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You’ve probably heard of the healing properties of CBD, a non-psychoactive hemp cannabinoid known for its anti-anxiety and pain-relieving impacts on both physical and cognitive health. CBD has hit its stride in recent years, and for good reason.

CBD boasts a variety of benefits, including reducing anxiety, alleviating physical pain, supporting mental focus, and restoring balance to your sleep cycle. CBD naturally works by attaching itself to your Endocannabinoid receptors, interacting with your nervous system, and working to establish a state of calmness.

CBD appeals to many individuals with stressful lifestyles, thanks to its diverse healing properties and ability to target minor and major physical injuries and anxiety without psychoactive side effects.

CBD is an all-natural way to ease your physical and cognitive systems and restore mind and body balance after a long day. And if there’s anyone who needs to alleviate the stress and pain caused by repetitive physical movements, it’s people who work on their computers. These professionals put their bodies through the grinder far more than most of us realize. The long hours, repetitive motions, and mental strain can cause more damage than you’d expect.

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SummaForte is the first and only brand designed specifically to improve performance and alleviate pain during screen time and recovery time.

Leveraging the cognitive and physical benefits of CBD, SummaForte’s products offer their users an experience defined by anxiety reduction, pain relief, and improved all-around physical and mental performance.

#2: Screen Time Is Creating Gradual Wear-And-Tear

Working behind a screen for more than eight hours a day will not only cause daily discomfort, but will also cause long-term physical pain. SummaForte launched with a focus on this fact because they know that pain.

Daily wear and tear on your fingers, hands, wrists, and bodies from long-term computer usage can range from moderate discomfort to major injuries.

If you’re doing repetitive actions behind a screen every day, you’re generating wear-and-tear on your body—it’s as simple as that. SummaForte’s innovative kinesiology tape and CBD drink mix are just what online professionals need to alleviate the pain, inflammation, and stress that result from that wear-and-tear.

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To SummaForte, it doesn’t matter if you’re a grad student, an IT professional, or an office worker looking to maintain your active lifestyle along with a busy workday—whatever life you live, your mental and physical health need care.

See how SummaForte can change the way you go about your day-to-day with these innovative products.

#3: Screen Time Is Physically Holding You Back From Doing What You Love

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For many of us, after a long day of working behind screens, our bodies are achy and tired. Inflammation and body exhaustion can make other activities we love feel out of reach.

SummaForte’s debut product line includes SummaTape, an innovative performance tape designed for hardworking individuals who work hard and play hard. Currently offered in slim and standard strips, SummaTape is a CBD-enhanced kinesiology tape that targets painful areas of the body subject to repetitive use, especially your hands.

Each slim strip includes 2.5mg of SummaForte’s signature hemp strain and CBD Lifter, and each standard strip offers 12.5mg of these same ingredients.

Most importantly, the CBD in each SummaTape strip is passed transdermally, allowing you to receive the benefits immediately. Unlike ingestible forms of CBD, which dilute CBD’s relieving properties, this innovative technology delivers CBD effectively and effortlessly to ease your pain, achieve balance, and alleviate body discomfort for a fast recovery.

This Coffee Habit May Help Your Heart

  This Coffee Habit May Help Your Heart A new study has identified one particular type of coffee for its potential to ward off cardiovascular disease. Here's what an international team of researchers discovered. © Provided by Eat This, Not That! For a study published this month in the journal Clinical Nutrition ESPEN (published by the Clinical Society of European Nutrition and Metabolism), researchers from Greece and Algeria—all specializing in cardiovascular health or nutrition—started off by recognizing that regular coffee consumption is associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

The slim strip pack of SummaTape offers a flexible design created specifically for your hands and fingers, and the standard strip pack is productive for larger areas like your arms, shoulders, backs, and legs. Delivering CBD transdermally, slim and standard SummaTape gently targets your musculoskeletal pain without restricting motion and lets you get back to doing what you love.

Chiropractors, athletes, office workers, and anyone seeking to achieve a balance between peak performance and recovery time will benefit from using SummaTape.

Try this game-changing kinesiology tape to feel like you’re back and better than ever.

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#4: Screen Time Is Impacting Your Vision And Processing Capabilities

If you’re behind a screen for hours on end, it’s not just your hands, neck, and back that suffer from over-exertion—your eyes will feel sore and fatigued, too.

Blue light glasses may seem like an obvious answer, but they don’t actually improve your eye health. They only block harmful blue light from reaching your eyes.

Why not block blue light and improve your eye health, all while increasing productivity and relieving mental anxiety?

For all active lifestyles, SummaForte’s SummaMix is designed for people looking to achieve superior performance in all aspects of their life.

It all starts with Lifter CBD, SummaMix’s signature hemp strain that combines terpenes and cannabinoids to provide you with a balanced, focused experience.

SummaMix’s other star ingredients include FloraGLO® and Neumentix®, a powerful nootropic. FloraGLO®, a naturally-sourced lutein, takes care of your vision. This ingredient combats the harmful effects of blue light and sunlight and improves your visual processing speed. Neumentix® generates better memory recall and improves accuracy.

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SummaMix, available in a mixed berry flavor, doesn’t just taste good. This drink boosts and helps maintain your overall cognitive and visual performance throughout the day.

Whether you’re a man on the go or you’re just working from home, SummaMix can level up your performance.

We Spend Too Much Time Using Screens Without Proper After-Care

We’ve talked about what SummaForte does: it’s a premium CBD brand committed to alleviating your physical pain and daily stressors. But let’s take a moment to look at how and why they do it.

How? SummaForte creates CBD-enhanced performance products that are science-supported and backed by years of research. SummaForte also has an advisory committee made up of award-winning scientists, doctors, and health and business specialists that are leading experts in their respective fields of medicine, cannabis research, and business.

Why? We spend too much time using screens and devices without proper after-care. Long before COVID, many of us were already overexerting our eyes and straining ourselves, working long hours behind a computer screen, but throughout COVID, the problem only got worse.

SummaForte made their products with the hopes that individuals who work rigorous hours from their computers can have a chance at physical relief, too.

SummaForte’s Award-Winning Product Line Is Here To Help

While SummaForte was created for gamers, through research and response of customers they found that their products appealed to anyone from the greatest of gamers to the active gym junkie.

For those unfamiliar with esports, it’s a competitive and demanding sport that asks its athletes to train hard and compete harder, all from behind a screen. And as with any sport, one bad injury can drastically shape—or end—the course of an athlete’s career. In fact, many of them retire before they even reach thirty, thanks to the damage their bodies undergo.

When SummaForte launched, they initially aimed to help esports athletes with muscle and ligament inflammation who couldn’t find healthy solutions tailored to their sport. With an initial focus on esports and gaming, SummaForte took gamers’ feedback and developed SummaTape and SummaMix to address those athletes’ concerns.

Over time, SummaForte realized that these innovations could help everyone who has physical and mental daily stressors, whether they’re esports athletes, office workers, fitness professionals, or anyone in-between.

Even if you’re not in the world of esports and competitive gaming, you probably spend your whole day working behind a screen (or screens). After a grueling workday, aren’t your eyes tired? Hands sore from typing all day? What about that neck pain you can’t seem to shake?

Your motivation to hit the gym or be active outdoors might seem even more exhausting than the physically draining day you just had: if you’re experiencing chronic pain from over-exertion, other activities you love may seem out-of-reach.

If you’re sick of working through the discomfort of soreness and inflammation and want increased energy beyond work hours, SummaForte’s award-winning product line is here to help. SummaForte wants to help you achieve mind-body balance today and tomorrow. Check them out today and make sure to use our code MENSJOURNAL15 for 15% off your order today!

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