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The cost of laying the intensive care patients accept the health insurance companies for the time being. Of course, no one would deny the acquisition in this situation. But those who are coming up in the end is disputed.

Im Rahmen des bundesweit zwischen Bund und Ländern abgestimmten Kleeblatt-Mechanismus hilft auch die Luftwaffe mit. Auf den Kosten für die Verlegungen wollen die Krankenkassen nicht sitzen bleiben. © DPA Clover Leeting mechanism coordinated under the nationwide between the federal government and the countries also helps the Air Force. At the expense for the laying, the health insurances do not want to be sitting.

syringe pumps must be re-raised, reversed monitoring monitors and the ventilator is exchanged. Thereafter, the carers store the sick for the transport carrier. The team of the rescue helicopter or the intensive transport car takes over. The laying begins.

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Jan-Thorsten Gräsner has experienced this again and again in recent days. "A doctor, an emergency paramedic, a driver or one to two pilots are the minimum requirement for pure transport," says the boss of rescue and emergency medicine at the Universityik Kiel. Gräsner coordinates the laying of intensive care patients in the context of the Germany-wide shamrock system: good 50 acutely endangered, but transportable people have been brought to other federal states last week, because many intensive care universities are overloaded in Eastern and southern Germany.

Germany just has to operate a tremendous effort so that its intensive stations do not collapse. The costs do not matter. So it also see the health insurance companies who have announced to pay for the relocations - for the time being. In this situation, of course, no one would deny someone's takeover, it means, but it has to be spoken about this question: who should pay for?

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According to Baden-Württemberg Interior Ministry, the relocation of an intensive patient costs 3,000 to 10,000 euros. As chairman of the Interior Minister Conference, the Ministry coordinates the laying action. The amount depends on the distance and the means of transport. Which is used, depending on the route, weather, patient condition, weight and size of the patient decided, says Gräsner. If you ask the Barmer, the costs vary extremely. The health insurance company gives a price range of "a few hundred euros for a short transport in the ambulance until well over 10,000 euros for a laying flight".

According to the Social Code, the health insurance companies also carry transport costs under normal circumstances, for example if someone takes a taxi for an outpatient treatment. Whether the health insurance companies arise under the current coronary conditions for all costs, "in due course between the federal government, countries and the health insurance companies is clarified," the Ministry of Interior communes to Stuttgart. When that is, remains open. Neither the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) nor the Federal Ministry of the Interior reacted to inquiries from the economic week.

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The Barmer shares, they take over the cost of all corona-conditioned laying to relieve hospitals. How many cases have the Barmer and what they will cost, they do not yet know, since the transports will be charged in hindsight ". The basis for this decision is a GKV recommendation currently available by March 2022. Until then, patient transport trips continue to be approved by the patient's health insurance fund, the Common Federal Committee decided on Thursday. At the same time, the GKV-Lace Association, which all the statutory health insurance companies belong to Germany, according to a Barmer spokeswoman "because of a possible reimbursement currently in conversations with the BMG".

The layouts of intensive patients are certainly ensured, emphasizes the association of replacement funds. However, the question of cost presentation is "to clarify". The GKV represented ", unlike some federal states, the view that the current layouts and flights from Covid-19 patients can be financed on civil protection and are not in the area of ​​responsibility of the GKV". Although the catastrophic protection department of the Interior Ministers Conference for Shamel Layers is responsible, officially proclaimed the catastrophic basis but not. The Bundeswehr does not support the shamrock missions for such an exceptional situation, but based on administrative assistance applications of the countries. Another way to use the army inside.

A spokeswoman of the BKK umbrella association says, "That the GKV is now wearing everything, although it is actually a disaster, can not be." How unclear is the financing, shows a request that has reached the association. The BMG itself, reports the spokeswoman, have asked what to do.

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