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Health & Fit: Omikron Symptoms: A sign on the hands

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The world is fighting against the omikron wave: high infection numbers in the UK more and more leads to personnel deficiency and supply bottlenecks in hospitals. In Australia, too, Omikron provides great worries in the clinics. And in Germany, the infection numbers also rise rapidly.

Ein Smartphone liegt in unserem Symbolbild vor einem jungen Mann auf dem Tisch. Weltweit verbreitet sich die Omikron-Variante immer weiter. Ein eher seltenes Symptom kennen die wenigsten: es betrifft die Finger und Zehen. © picture Alliance / dpa A smartphone is located in our symbol picture in front of a young man on the table. Worldwide, the Omikron variant continues to spread. A rather rare symptom know the fewest: it concerns the fingers and toes.

Last recently, the WHO warned that Omikron may danger to a greater danger due to its strong spread.

is now known that the Corona mutant is a lot transferable than about delta. And she can also handle immune protection better, twice vaccinated are less well protected than against delta. But what about the symptoms?

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After Omikron had appeared in South Africa for the first time, there were reports of local physicians that complained to many affected by extreme fatigue, body, head and body pain. In addition, a scratching in the throat and dry cough.

Omikron Symptoms: Coughing, Fever, Tiredness, Taste Loss

Conspicuous In addition, many have complained about a disappeared or changed odor and taste - similar to other variants before. According to observations from South Africa, patients and patients suffered from flu-like symptoms, dry cough, fever, but also nocturnal welding outbreaks and pain.

Video: RKI: Omikron variant in all federal states (DPA)

also demonstrated data from other countries that there are no major differences to previous symptoms of other variants so far. Infected can report in the United Kingdom about the so-called "Zoe Covid Symptom Study App" Corona Symptoms. A first evaluation revealed that the five most common symptoms are a running nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing and sore throat.

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Corona: Rare Symptom also know the few

the World Health Organization WHO explained in an statement at the end of November: "There is currently no information that indicates that the symptoms associated with Omikron distinguish from those of other variants." She lists fever , Coughing, fatigue and taste and odor loss as commonly occurring corona symptoms - even in the case of the new omikron variant.

According to the most recent Weekly Report of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), patients were most commonly called (54 percent), coughing (57 percent) and sore throat (39 percent).

But a rather rare symptom know the least, but this can also occur: a discoloration of fingers and toes. Depending on the skin tone, the skin could be pale, gray and bluish, even the lips and nail beds could be affected. The reason: the low oxygen content in the blood. A symptom that also describes the US health authority, the CDC, on your website . Also a rash can be possible in rare cases, as well as red and irritated eyes.

Corona: What to do with a possible infection is

important: Who makes sick signs such as cough, fever, cold, loss of odor or taste, sore throat, head and body pain, shortness of breath or general weakness, should stay home and Restrict direct contacts, the Federal Center for Health Education (BZGA) advises on the website "" . "Call your family doctoral practice or the medical standby service under the telephone number 116 117." (mg)

Medical Association advises: Make a Corona test in cough and snooze! Thus, they recognize an omikron infection .
The Medical Association Marburger Bund warns to underestimate the omikron variant of the coronavirus and calls people with cold symptoms to make a corona antigen test to exclude infection with the virus. © Provided by Berliner Kurier "There is a danger that many people do not perceive their Corona infection as such and just go out of a cold," said the association chairman Susanne Johna the editorial network of Germany (RND).

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