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Home & Garden: This Is the Houseplant You’ll See Everywhere Next Year

The Top-Selling Indoor Houseplants and How To Care for Them

  The Top-Selling Indoor Houseplants and How To Care for Them It's easy to bring greenery into your home.Livening up your home with houseplants? It’s a good idea, particularly as the weather gets colder, and sunshine and greenery are in short supply. Studies show that time spent in nature improves our mood, which is one of several reasons why the cooler months can feel so bleak. Forced indoors by the cold, our mental health suffers. Indoor plants help counterbalance this. They also affect our physical health by improving air quality. Still, there’s the matter of caring for your plants.

Calathea Rattlesnake © Calathea Rattlesnake


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It's not up for debate: The countdown to 2023 is officially on. If you want to apply that "new year, new you" attitude to your horticulture, 1-800-FLOWERS has just unveiled its 2023 Plant of the Year. While leafy greens can withstand time and trend—there's something about the calathea rattlesnake that feels so appropriate for the 12 months ahead.

"The calathea rattlesnake symbolizes turning over a new leaf and a new beginning in 2023," Alfred Palomares, the company's vice president of merchandising and resident plant dad, explained in an official statement. "Because of its nature, its movement, and its unique sort of language, there’s something very special about this plant. It brings a lot of joy and positivity to your wellbeing.”

5 Tips For Easily Repotting Your Favorite Plants

  5 Tips For Easily Repotting Your Favorite Plants When it's time to repot your plants, be sure to take the proper steps to ensure your plant's health during the transfer. Here are five tips to keep in mind.Repotting is simple, but the hard part is knowing what pot to use, which soil is best, and how to pull the plant out of its old pot without breaking it. Unfortunately, there's almost always minor damage to a plant when it's repotted. But that's OK; as long as you're gentle and have minimal damage, your plant should be fine.

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Native to Brazilian rainforests, this wavy-edged leafy green thrives in low-to-partial lighting and rarely grows higher than 20 inches. (Translation? It's a great choice for smaller city apartments.) And, thanks to its reddish-purple undertones, Palomares says the calathea rattlesnake is "one of those decor elements that your guests are going to come over and talk to you about.”

Though the 2023 Plant of the Year does produce small yellow flowers in the wild, it rarely blooms inside. Fortunately, if you want to bring a little bit of flora to your space, 1-800-FLOWERS also unveiled its 2023 Flower of the Year: The almighty orchid. Though caring for an orchid is famously difficult—an art form, if you will—it's both an excellent addition to your home and a wonderful gift.

“Orchids are exotic, very luxurious tropical blooms that surprise and delight, and ultimately deliver a smile to the customer," Palomares adds. "The gift of orchids goes above and beyond what they were expecting.”

But, whether you add one foliage or both to your plant collection, one thing's for sure: 2023 is poised to be very full of life and style.

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