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Home & Garden: The CFDT is organizing this Thursday a "Essential Worker Marche"

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"Essential Workers", according to the expression devoted by Emmanuel Macron to those who continued to work during the different confines, will claim recognition in the streets of the capital on Thursday. February 3rd.

Pendant les confinements, les commerces dits © Provided by the Parisian during the confines, the so-called "essential" businesses, like the food stores, remained open (picture of illustration). LP / Aurélie Audureau

They were on the front line in "war" against COVID-19 , according to the terms of Emmanuel Macron. bakers, cashiers, scales, maintenance agents, carriers ... wander in the streets of the capital Thursday, February 3 to claim recognition. The CFDT will organize in Paris a " Essential Workers' Marche , in order to highlight these insufficiently recognized employees, announced its Secretary General Laurent Berger on France Inter on Monday.

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These workers are likely to move away from the labor market if they are not recognized "in the state of mind of society, but also in terms of salaries, career course," a-T- He pleaded. If the CFDT does not associate with the Interprofessional Mobilization Day on the Wages and Employment of this Thursday, to the appeal of the Intersyndical CGT-FO-FSU-SOLIDARIARIES, it calls for its wins a revaluation of wages. .

Salary rise and minimum branch

"The SMIC is the hiring salary for someone who is not qualified. Staying all his life as is the case in some professional branches, it's unbearable, "said Berger.

For the union leader, the challenge is not so much to increase this minimum wage - as proposed by several left-to-the-counter candidates - to raise the branch minima.

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"Obviously the level of the SMIC is important and the revaluation of the SMIC according to inflation is very important. But then it is necessary to oblige each branch within three months of the revaluation of the SMIC to increase their branch minima for at least they are at the SMIC, "he said.

"Today 63% of the 171 main branches have minima below the SMIC. This means that we believe (by the way) that more and more people are going to be at the SMIC, "he explained, while" more than two million people are at the SMIC ", including" 60% of women ".

"This health crisis, if it had an advantage, that we have regarded these key workers, these everyday workers run the economy, operate the society," he said . In many professional branches the salary grids begin below the SMIC.

Employers are obliged to pay their employees at the minimum wage level, but that means that they are familiar with little salary developments during their career.

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