Home & Garden: Three-year-old girl's $16,000 bedroom boasts THREE Louis Vuitton bags

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Most people go their entire lives without sleeping in their dream bedroom, but one lucky three-year-old is already living the high life with a custom tufted bed, a toddler-size vanity to do her makeup, and a growing Louis Vuitton handbag collection.

Christi Fritz, 25, from Ohio, went viral this week when she gave a tour of her daughter Noelle's new all-pink bedroom, sparking ire from possibly jealous critics who insisted the little girl was going to become 'spoiled' and a 'brat.'

The TikTok star, who has more than 1.9 million followers, detailed the ins and outs of her daughter's room design, which included the purchase of a massive queen-size bedframe that costs upwards of $5,000.

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Almost every item in the room is listed on Christi's Like To Know It page, including the bedframe from Arhaus. The furniture brand's $4,599 'Mariah' frame is on sale for $3,199 on its, but it doesn't actually come in pink.

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The mom explained that she put in a custom order to have it upholstered in what appears to be her daughter's favorite color.

The bed is topped with a white quilt from Anthropologie, and Christi shared a link for a similar bedspread from the brand that retails for $328 and can be paired with a set of matching shams for an extra $98.

Hanging from the ceiling is a pink three-tiered tasseled chandelier, which is also from Anthropologie. The showstopper originally cost $189.95, but it's no longer in stock. Christi shared that bought it at the store's outlet, likely at a discounted cost.

On one side of Noelle's princess bed is a $1,399 'Evelyn' nightstand from Arhaus that is on sale for $999. Christi created a custom look by replacing the knobs with pink ceramic roses that cost $18.54 on Amazon.

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This bedroom is fit for a three-year-old queen!

Arhaus queen-size tufted bedframe with custom pink fabric: $5,000+

Anthropologie quilt with matching shams: $426

Arhaus seven-drawer dresser and matching nightstand: $4,398

Ceramic rose knobs: $19

Two coffee table books: $135

Pottery Barn play vanity: $299

Arhaus round gold mirror: $599

Three Louis Vuitton bags: $4,860

Anthropologie chandelier: $190

TOTAL: $15,926

The nightstand is topped with two books — but they're not children's tales. Instead, the influencer opted to elevate her daughter's room with two high-fashion coffee table books: Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury ($79.99) and Chanel: Catwalk ($54.99).

The matching seven-drawer 'Evelyn' dresser from Arhaus sits in front of Noelle's bed. The design is currently out of stock, but a six-drawer version is available for $2,999.

Christi also replaced the knobs on the dresser, so it perfectly matches the nightstand. A $599 round gold mirror from Arhaus sits on top of the dresser.

The little girl's bed is also flanked by a $299 play vanity with a three-panel mirror from Potter Barn.

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Christi swapped the stool with a pink velvet tuffet from Marshalls, but she didn't share how much it cost, or if it is still available.

What's notably absent from Noelle's room are toys, but as Christi explained during the room tour, they are all hidden in her closet.

When the mom walked into the closet, eagle-eyed viewers noted that the little girl also has a collection of three Louis Vuitton purses that cost a combined total of $4,860.

Noelle has two of the French label's smaller bags — a $1,350 Double Zip Pochette in monogrammed canvas and a $1,620 Félicie Pochette in pink — as well as a $1,890 Speedy Bandoulière 30 bag.

The contents of the child's bedroom, including the designer handbags, cost nearly $16,000, but it's unclear how much the mom actually paid for everything. Many of the items she listed were on sale or outlet purchases.

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Christi defended her daughter's Louis Vuitton collection in a follow-up video after a commenter asked why she bought her toddler multiple designer handbags.

'She has three bags and, honestly, she has them because we think it’s better to invest in high-quality bags that will last a long time,' Fritz said while showing off the bags in Noelle's closet.

'We bought her the first two little ones, and the big one is actually my old one,' she added. 'She loved it, so I let her have it.'

The mom also responded to outrage over her toddler sleeping in a queen-size bed, a luxury many adults don't have.

Christi explained that she and her husband were originally going to get their daughter a twin-size bed, but they found the tufted queen and she 'loved it.'

'She'll grow into it, so we won't have to buy another one!' she noted.

As for claims that her daughter is spoiled and will 'grow up to be a brat,' her mother said that couldn't be further from the truth.

'Right now she's only three, so she has no idea whether or not the stuff we buy her is expensive,' the influencer said. 'She's actually the sweetest and most thankful toddler ever!'

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