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Schnitzel fans can be calmed-the breaded classic will continue to exist. In Clärchens Ballhaus he stands as a Wiener Schnitzel and as a vegan schnitzel, both accompanied by potato apple cucumber salad and cold-stirred cranberries, twice on the new map, on which something else has changed.

  Neue Küche: Was es in Clärchens Ballhaus jetzt zu essen gibt © provided by Berliner Zeitung

Since 2019, the Berlin gastronomy legend has been experiencing a change process, but a very sensitive one. Many concerns that were accompanied by the entrepreneur Yoram Roth with the takeover of the dance restaurant opened in 1913 have not been confirmed. A radical reorganization of the cranky ball house had been feared, thought that Roth would take Clärchen, which would keep the shop together: the excessive dance evenings, which were always more about the right time than the best plate.

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that it was hardly danced in the ball house in recent years was not due to the investor and its plans, but because of pandemic. The Schwoof, the best -known event of the ball house, also returned with the control brocks, which is now suspending during the summer break. While dance courses are currently still taking place in the mirror hall, the Schwoof is also supposed to return in September, just as many other dance and cultural events- as far as pandemic and its rules allow.

and otherwise little has changed in Clärchens superficially: Lametta and red wall paint have disappeared, the rustic chairs and gastrotic have remained, the flipped ball house charm at all. Roth's renovation plans have obviously limited themselves to necessary renovation work, new pipes and all that. A new menu should still be found, from which you can now order from 12 p.m. - so recently Clärchens also offers a lunch table.

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The fact that beloved classics such as Rollmops or Königsberger Klopse - and the schnitzel - have remained on the menu may be a concession to the ever skeptical Berliners who suspect the destruction of a homely institution with every new investor. The newly added dishes also give themselves classic-defined floor-to-bottom-but always with a modern shoot.

The biggest changes have probably experienced the menu with the dishes "for sharing". Here, for example, the Tatarstulle for 18 euros is listed, a fine, juicy tartar from the Brandenburg Ochsen, which is served with capers and sauce Tatar on small, freshly roasted sourdough breadstulls. The meat is soft and finely seasoned, shaped by a gentle sharpness. Also new is the buffalo mozzarella for 14 euros, as well as from Brandenburg, which is located in a cucumber gazpacho along with a sugar inheritance salad; There are crispy bread chips.

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as a real highlight turns out what is rather simple on the map: Clärchen's tomato salad for 12 euros. The salad of tomatoes in three colors is turned on with a parmesan dressing and fresh herbs, crispy plums bring in a fruity sweetness that would have no longer needed a bit mushy croutons due to the dressing. A little good is also meant with the cheese of the barbecue cheese Stulle for 12 euros. Although the Müritz cheese tastes nice and spicy, the baked sour styles were covered a bit too opulently, so that the submitted pear salad goes a bit.

The classics are then under the front and main dishes: Rollmops or Spreewald cucumbers for the starter, the two schnitzel and a false rabbit as the main dishes. Afterwards there would be a lemon curd with a red berry compote, a rice pudding with apple jelly or a chocolate mousse with brownies and crazy cherries, topped by white chocolate flakes. Each dessert costs 4.50 euros.

In Clärchens Ballhaus, the guests will continue to be fed up at manageable prices. Until September, when the focus is on dancing again. What then really nobody should do without: the wonderfully refreshing Frozé, which is now on the menu.

Clärchens Ballhaus , Auguststraße 24 in Mitte. Tuesday to Sunday 12-23 a.m., reservations at +49 (030) 555 785 440. The complete new menu can be found here.

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