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Queen Letizia of Spain enthusiastic about the bargain dress

 Queen Letizia of Spain enthusiastic about the bargain dress summer time is vacation time! This also applies to the blue -blooded among us: a few days ago, the Spanish royal family started their annual vacation in Mallorca. © Isaac Buj/Europa Press/DPA Letizia of Spain at the Atlàntida Mallorca Festival on July 31, 2022. and Queen Letizia (39) used the vacation of the Spanish Royals on the Mallorca Sonnen island for a visit to the "Atlàntida Film Firmly". The film festival ended on Sunday (July 31) with a large final gala.

A new bed bug species conquered the hotel beds in Mallorca. As the Mallorca Magazin reports, citing the Association of Pest Facers "Anecpla", "Cimex Hemipterus" is spreading in Spain. At first she was discovered in Barcelona, ​​now she is in many parts of the country, including on the holiday island of Mallorca.

  Mallorca: Gefährliche Bettwanzen-Art breitet sich aus © provided by Berliner Zeitung

The tropical bed bug can transmit, among other things, the Chagas disease found in South America. With this parasitic infectious disease, fever, shortness of breath and abdominal pain can occur. In the event of a chronic course, symptoms come to the heart or in the digestive tract.

According to "Anecpla", the bugs can be found in hotel beds, among other things, because they are mainly spread with suitcases or in clothes. Those bitten feel uncomfortable and can develop allergic reactions. The result could also be insomnia and stress.

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