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Impress a Crowd with an Incredible Cheese Board

  Impress a Crowd with an Incredible Cheese Board Three cheese obsessives weigh in with tips on how to make an enticing arrangement.We tapped three cheese experts (including two Cheeselandians) and entertaining obsessives to explain how they put together the most eye-popping, crowd-wowing, and Instagrammable cheese boards imaginable. These creatives look to one place for their star ingredients—Wisconsin, The State of Cheese, where rich international influences meet. Each of our curd connoisseurs walked us through picking a theme for their board, choosing their favorite must-serve Wisconsin cheeses, and selecting sweet and savory snacks to go alongside them.

  Steph Curry Reveals All-Time NBA Starting Five © Provided by Inside The Warriors

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry revealed his all-time starting five

NBA all-time starting five debates have gone on for years, and are likely not going anywhere. What makes them even more interesting is when they are built around a certain player. For example, Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry was recently asked to build an all-time starting five around himself, and had an interesting answer that few would have predicted.

While perhaps Curry's answer would have differed if it weren't dependent on the fit around himself, the superstar point guard went with Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Dirk Nowitzki, and Shaquille O'Neal as the four players he'd want surrounding him. Curry said he and Magic would play a hybrid guard combo, Nowitzki would space the floor, and Shaq would hold down the paint. As for Jordan's role, that's an easy one.

16 Autumn pizzas that do us good

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With the greatest point guard of all-time debate being between Magic Johnson and Steph Curry, it would be very interesting to see them play together. Lethal off the ball, Curry could allow the greatest playmaker of all-time to dominate the basketball while Curry runs around the perimeter. Combined with the greatest player of all time and two dominant low-post options, there are few to no weaknesses in this lineup.

If dropped into the modern era, perhaps there are some concerns about Dirk and Shaq being drawn out of the paint defensively, but it's hard to imagine that being a big enough issue to negate what they'd do on the other end.

It's a unique lineup from Curry, but a dominant one as well.

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