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The Straw Hat's sniper, Usopp, also known as "God" Usopp, is the 3rd individual to join Luffy on his journey towards becoming King of The Pirates. Usopp is a quirky and funny character who acts as a big comedic relief in most of his interactions among the Straw Hat pirates and other individuals outside of the crew, but he's also a character that carries a lot more depth than he lets off.

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Debut Outfit

Usopp's first appearance was in chapter 23 of One Piece, which would translate to episode 8 in the anime. The audience was introduced to him when Luffy journeyed to Syrup Village in search of a new ship to carry the crew on their future adventures.

Usopp was quick to greet the crew and his very first outfit consisted of brown overalls, coupled with his mustard yellow hat and goggles. He also always carried his small green slingshot Pachinko as his main weapon while serving as the leader of the Usopp Pirates. On his left arm, he wore a blue and white armband and carried a huge white bag across his body.

Soge King

Soge King is one of the most intriguing characters in the story and has been made into a rubbing gag where his true identity is thought to be a mystery. Of course, Soge King is none other than Usopp himself.

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As Soge King, he wears brown overalls with a white and blue bandana on his left arm, with both of them being bandaged all over. The most prominent feature, however, is the glaring mask. Soge King sports a yellow mask with blue highlights and very large drawn pink lips on top.

His Slingshot

As with any outfit, accessories can be essential in making the character stand out, and in Usopp's case, it's his slingshot. Before the two-year time skip, Usopp wielded a small, green, slingshot called Pachinko. As the story progressed, it changed in design during the Enies Lobby arc, where Usopp upgraded it to. Kabuto. The difference between the two was in their size and their power.

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Although still a green slingshot, it was a lot larger and he was seen using it to shoot down the Government flag during Robin's rescue. Currently, Usopp carries an even stronger slingshot in his arsenal which he upgraded during his time on Boin Island. The name of his current weapon is Black Kabuto, as one would expect, it is quite dangerous indeed.

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His Color

Usopp's main color, as stated by Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece itself, is yellow. This is apparent in a lot of his outfits, where the main color is usually a very stale shade of yellow.

During the 15th anniversary of the series, Usopp's outfit was designed by Oda to showcase his color the best as he was going with the trend of dressing each Straw Hat in their canon-associated color.

His Post Timeskip Outfit

After the time skip, Usopp received a big wardrobe change, most notably switching out his regular brown overalls for some yellow ones instead. In doing so, Usopp matched his main color very well. He also changed his hat, going from a mustard yellow one to a simple white one.

His slingshot, which he named Kabuto after the events of Enies Lobby, was upgraded into Black Kabuto – a weapon he perfected while honing his skills for 2 years with Heracles on Boin Archipelago after being sent there Bartholomew Kuma following the destruction of the Straw Hat Pirates.

His Goggles

Another main aspect of Usopp's appearance is his goggles. Indeed, as a sniper, it's no surprise he'd get quite a few goggles changes and upgrades in his design. During his debut, he wore green goggles that attached were to his hat. Interestingly, these weren't dropped in Enies Lobby when he changed into his Soge King persona. Rather, they were integrated into the mask instead.

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Finally, after the time skip, his goggles get a whole makeover, and this time they are now attached to his headphone-shaped headset. They are also more reddish in color and their design also makes them look more modern than their predecessors.

His Wano Outfit

With the start of the Wano country arc, a lot of Straw Hats saw their outfits get changed to new and diverse Japanese outfits in accordance with Kin'emon's plans. For Usopp, this was a merchant outfit where he donned a blue top and some striped black and white bottoms. He tied his hair back and wore a green hat, coupled with his typical headset.

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To add to that, Usopp also carried around two katana swords around his waist and was also seen sometimes with a toad on his head, showing his fake profession as a toad oil seller. All this was topped with a fake beard that he put on to add to his disguise.

His Onigashima Outift

After the Straw Hats' invasion of Onigashima, all the Straw hats got an outfit change. Usopp, during this part of the series, changed from a merchant to a Beast Pirate at first, and eventually to a samurai, as the story progressed.

His Beast Pirate outfit consisted of the standard black uniform, but stylized for him in his common yellow color. His pants were his standard yellow shade, while the cap he sported was yellow. He also wore a small yellow helmet with a spike on top. His samurai outfit, on the other hand, was more complex, being a red armor on the front, but keeping his yellow pants and large slingshot, Black Kabuto. His Hat was also changed to a samurai helmet in this section of the story.

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