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Kanye West Leaves LA Bagel Shop As Patrons Whisper That He Should ‘Go Home’, Eyewitness Says (Exclusive)

  Kanye West Leaves LA Bagel Shop As Patrons Whisper That He Should ‘Go Home’, Eyewitness Says (Exclusive) Patrons at an LA Bagel shop near a Jewish synagogue were 'not at all welcoming' of Kanye West during a recent visit, an eyewitness tells HL EXCLUSIVELY. Kanye West did not have a good week — and justifiably so. On the same day that the 45-year-old fallen rapper and fashion designer was turned away from Sketchers for “unauthorized filming,” he also got the same sort of reaction from patrons at an LA bagel shop.

ASOS picks black friday © Provided by Heatworld ASOS picks black friday

No one loves ASOS like we love ASOS here at heat HQ.

We stalk the 'new in' section at least twice a day, our saved items list gets more attention than our girl's WhatsApp group (oops) and there are no greater two words ever than 'ASOS sale'.

We all know there are some treasures to be had now it's Black Friday season, but sometimes it can be a little, well, overwhelming.

"Am I just buying it because it's in the sale? Will I actually wear it or will it slowly gather cobwebs in my wardrobe until I sadly take it to Oxfam in 18 months?"

Help is at hand as the heat team will show you the best bits to grab in the ASOS sale, which you can wear again and again and again.

Comfortable Holiday Travel Outfits Celebrities Love To Wear

  Comfortable Holiday Travel Outfits Celebrities Love To Wear Before you embark on a plane or train, check out these celebrity holiday travel outfits that feel both chic and cozy.On top of booking your trips and packing your bags, putting together an ensemble for the ride is no easy feat. You don’t want to seem like you just rolled out of bed, but at the same time, you’re not looking for a troublesome getup to get through the TSA check-in. Yet somehow, when you look at all the celebrities’ holiday travel outfits, they seem effortless. As people who spend a fair share of their careers en route from one place to another, Hollywood stars take airport and road trip dressing to another level.

16 Faux Leather Leggings Outfit Ideas For Any Occasion .
Not only are leather leggings incredibly flattering, they allow you to create a variety of outfits with leggings that can be worn from fall into winter. They can be an interesting way to spice up an otherwise boring outfit. They can be used as the perfect neutral or simply worn anywhere that you would wear jeans. Dressed up or dressed down, these leather leggings might just be one of the most worn, versatile pieces in your entire wardrobe. And, we recommend snagging a pair for yourself!This page may contain affiliate links.

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