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Style: Access audiences Access 8 pm: Julien Arnaud distances her distance from Karine Bast, "household scenes" in form

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  Solved! What Is a Cistern? Q: A house I’m considering buying has a cistern. I know cisterns are used for water collection, but I don’t fully und erstand the cistern definitions I’ve found online or what a cistern’s benefits are. What is a cistern?A: Between worsening droughts, extreme temperatures, and high water bills in many places, homeowners are looking for alternative methods to save water and reduce their out-of-pocket costs. Enter cisterns, which allow individuals to collect rainwater for use around the home and garden.

"the 20 o'clock", "such a great sun", "household scenes" ... the audiences of 8 pm-21h Monday, December 26, 2022.

  Audiences access 20h : Julien Arnaud prend ses distances avec Karine Baste, © Christophe Chevalin - TF1 JT

The "20 Hours" of TF1 - Julien Arnaud: 5.58 million (28.0%).

The "20 hours" of France 2 - Karine Bast: 4.62 million (23.3%).

The "19.45" of M6 - Dominique Tenza: 2.42 million (12.5%).

Julien Arnaud Distance Karine Bast of nearly a million viewers.


"All sport" (France 3): 1.23 million (6.1%).

"Open Kitchen" - Replay (France 3): 680,000 (3.4%).


"28 minutes" (Arte): 667,000 (3.3%).

"Daily" *** - Best of (TMC): 600,000 (3.0%). "Touche pas à mon poste" ** - Best of (C8) : 574,000 (2.9%).

"C to you, the suite" - the best (France 5): 442,000 (2.2%).

"TPMP - 1st part"* - Best of (C8): 335,000 (1.7%).

"as an aside" (Canal+): 142,000 (0.7%).

TV reality

"Le Cross" (W9): 369,000 (1.9%).

The soap opera

"Household scenes" (M6): 3.43 million (17.0%).

The M6 ​​soap opera is in its high fork.

"A Si Grand Soleil" was offered yesterday in prime time.

* 8:05 p.m.-20h53

** 8:53 p.m.-21h13 *** 8:32 p.m.

Movers of foie gras? Discover this recipe for ultra -gourmet pumpkin terrine to cook them .
© Eonaya of the remains of foie gras? Discover this recipe for ultra -gourmet pumpkin terrine to cook them Chef Julien Duboué unveiled his recipe to enhance the remains of foie gras after the holidays. It is always difficult to provide the good quantities for an celebration meal, and it would be embarrassing that the guests remain hungry. So we quickly tend to predict wide and accumulate remains.

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