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Style: With this free fashion hack, wide-leg-pants are still stylish

How to style a trench coat: 7 trench coat outfits to inspire your winter looks

  How to style a trench coat: 7 trench coat outfits to inspire your winter looks These styling formulas will help you understand how to style a trench coat with outfits inspired by street stylersIf you're wondering how to style a trench coat, the answer is pretty much with anything and everything in your closet. The beauty of a trench is that it can be dressed up for the day or down for the evening, and works equally well for formal office environments or for heading out with friends. Wearable all year, size up and you've got enough room to slip a cashmere sweater on, that will ensure you and your trench coat can beat the winter chill.

Du liebst Wide-Leg-Jeans? Dann verraten wir dir jetzt smarten Mode-Hack, mit dem deine Lieblingsjeans nicht nur noch stylischer wird, sondern auch wesentlich alltagspraktischer - und er ist völlig kostenlos © imaxtree

You love wide-leg jeans? Then we will tell you smart fashion hack, with which your favorite jeans not only becomes more stylish, but also much more everyday practical-and he is completely free

We love, love wide-leg-jeans ! The reasons: they are super comfortable, stylish and look a great figure. Because the wide A-line shape conceals a lot while stretching the silhouette at the same time. Good combination! However, Wide-leg-Pants also have a disadvantage-and it shows up when cycling. It's a good thing that the cyclists of this world have already developed smart tricks against this problem: brackets, clips and ligaments prevent the pants from ending up in the chain. And what looks casual about commuters also give non -bikers sporty coolness - bets!? Because crapped wide-leg-pants crapped by pants clips ensure an extra portion of nonchalance. Do not you think? Then have a look here:

Those Who Dress Better: Black Fashion Fair Celebrates The Style And Legacy Of Jean-Michel Basquiat

  Those Who Dress Better: Black Fashion Fair Celebrates The Style And Legacy Of Jean-Michel Basquiat Art and fashion continue to intersect with the exhibition that, of course, brings Black designers to the forefront as they deserve.Not many know that Jean-Michel also had a huge impact on fashion and had his own clothing line, so this Kings Pleasure Exhibition is paying homage to that. Nine different NYC-based designers were tasked with the opportunity to design their own versions of what it means to “dress better.” Head of State, Hanifa, Advisry, Brandon Blackwood, Homage Year, Theophlio, Who Decides War, Bed on Water, and Johnny Nelson. Each brand ranges from luxury ready-to-wear clothing to fine jewelry and accessories.

everything you need for the fashion upgrade: your old wide leg jeans and a 2-euro gadget

Do you want to try the Fashion Hack ? Then you only need a wide-leg jeans from your closet and two ligaments. Or cable ties. Then you bind your wide pants over the ankle together - done. And if you like the new Style , an investment in brackets is worthwhile. The tying of the pants is even faster and more uncomplicated. Pants clamps are available from 1 - 2 euros each. Hach, life can be so easy ...

The pictures and products are not displayed? Then click .

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