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Style: Widow Watches Wedding Clip In Her Dress, Then 7 Women Walk Through Door To Cheer Her Up

Fall 2023's Best Bridal Trends Are Already Here

  Fall 2023's Best Bridal Trends Are Already Here Wedding dress trends for fall 2023 have already formed, and they're set to extend summer's hotness into the later months of the year.There is a lot to consider when choosing the design elements and style you would like in your dress. It is ultimately important that you also keep an open mind when searching for the perfect dress. Luckily, the fall/winter 2023 haute couture and bridal runway shows brought a variety of bridalwear to the forefront of bridal fashion (via These trendy looks are chic, elegant, and perfect for any bride.

In May 2019, Katie Swantek was on a kayaking trip with her husband of four years when an undertow carried him away and ultimately claimed his life.

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When Brett's body was discovered 10 days later, he was still wearing his wedding ring.

Katie, now a grieving widow, was left to raise their young son on her own.

A few months later, Katie was organizing her storage rooms when she saw the big white box tucked away in the closet. Inside the box was her wedding dress.

She tore open the box and, without much thinking at all, slipped right back into the dress. She didn't expect it would still fit, but sure enough it did.

"I was the happiest girl on the planet the last time I wore that dress," Katie wrote on Her View From Home. "Now, I found myself more depressed than ever while wearing it — being faced with the reality of no longer having the husband that I married when I wore it."

Katie spent the rest of the day in her wedding dress watching her old wedding videos and crying on the couch.

Then an image popped into her mind; she couldn't help but recall a specific scene from a Friends episode that originally aired in 1998.

She came up with an idea and ended up contacting the photographer who shot her and Brett's wedding photos.

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