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Walmart's Pre-Black Friday Sales Have Officially Begun

  Walmart's Pre-Black Friday Sales Have Officially Begun Alert: Roomba vacuums are up to $250 off now.While official Black Friday deals at Walmart have yet to be announced, based on the discounts our sales and deals team has seen at Walmart in past years, we're confident in predicting which categories of items you'll be able to find discounts on, including electronics, toys and home appliances. In fact, there are plenty of savings to be found already, from Google devices to Nespresso coffee makers, as well as steep savings on electronics, toys and gifts across apparel and furniture, as well as seasonal decorations.

Instead of avoiding the inevitable, more and more women are embracing gray hair and learning how to style and care for it. Using these tips, you can, too. © Flashpop - Getty Images Instead of avoiding the inevitable, more and more women are embracing gray hair and learning how to style and care for it. Using these tips, you can, too.

Thanks to Jane Fonda and Sharon Osbourne’s hair transformations, as well as the lack of salon access during the pandemic last year, gray hair is more in than ever—and it’s not leaving anytime soon.

“I love gray hair and hope that we can change the narrative equating [it] with looking older,” says Mara Roszak, celebrity hairstylist, owner of Mare Salon, and Viviscal Hair Supplements partner.

Amazon Just Released Tons of Early Black Friday Deals—These Are the Best Ones

  Amazon Just Released Tons of Early Black Friday Deals—These Are the Best Ones Just ahead of the holidays, Amazon has just released tons of early Black Friday deals, meaning eagle-eyed shoppers ca n get a head start on holiday shopping. While this is great for those looking to save a few dollars on big purchases, there’s also a practical aspect: shipping delays. Amazon is actively encouraging consumers to shop early so that they can get the items they want and their packages on time—and they’re not wrong.

In the opinion of celebrity hairstylist Michael Duenas, a cultural shift has already occurred. “Gray hair is not necessarily a look,” he says. “It’s a mindset.” In other words, as long as you’re confident, you’ll rock it no matter what.

But how does gray hair happen, and how can you make the most of it? Experts weigh-in on how to transition your locks and make the most of your silver style.

Why Hair Changes

If you didn’t know, the graying process occurs in “almost everyone,” says Duenas. “As you age, the melanin is naturally reduced in the hair follicle and cells which produces a colorless hair” that manifests as gray. Duenas adds that age is the main factor in graying, but studies have shown that stress can exacerbate it.

The catch here is, not all natural grays are the same hue. Some people grow the envied silver look, while others reveal salt and pepper strands. Both are great, and what you like depends on personal taste. However, if you’re going for the icy platinum look, you’ll probably require a bit of salon maintenance as well as some tips and products to lean on at home.

How to Clean Every Single Part of Your Instant Pot

  How to Clean Every Single Part of Your Instant Pot Get your multi-cooker's lid, sealing ring and heating element looking shiny and new again.After every use, your Instant Pot and its lid must be cleaned to keep it at its best and functioning properly. In spite of the number of little parts the lid has, cleaning this cooker is a lot easier and quicker than you think (almost all the parts are dishwasher safe!), and the pros in the Cleaning Lab and Kitchen Appliances Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute have put together some handy tips to help you clean your multi-use cooker, whether it's an Instant Pot or another brand.

How to Embrace and Style Your Gray Hair

As a disclaimer, your journey to gray will depend on your current hair color, length, texture, and your specific desires. But there are a few basic steps stylists tend to follow for a smooth transition.

1. Start with highlights (if you need them): “If you have artificially colored hair, I recommend lightening [it] with highlights over time to help the blending process,” says Duenas. “This will eliminate the grown out, heavy line of demarcation.”

2. Take a supplement: If you have dyed hair, a hair growth supplement like Viviscal, Roszak says, could help new grays reveal themselves faster while ensuring they’re healthy and ready for their closeup.

3. Try a purple shampoo: If you have blonde hair to blend or dingier grays that need brightened, a purple toning shampoo can help. Duenas recommends Aloxxi’s Violet Shampoo. “It has a very strong violet pigment that will help fight brassiness and make your gray the most beautiful it can be,” he says. “The brighter and prettier your gray is, the easier the grow-out process!” You can also see your hairstylist every six weeks or so to get a professional tone, Duenas adds.

Every Black Friday Sale You Don’t Want to Miss in 2021

  Every Black Friday Sale You Don’t Want to Miss in 2021 We found all of the best Black Friday deals with the biggest markdowns of the year. Bookmark this page for every single deal you can't miss! The post Every Black Friday Sale You Don’t Want to Miss in 2021 appeared first on Reader's Digest."Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are usually the most exciting of the year," shares Trae Bodge, a smart shopping expert. "More retailers and brands offer sales than any other time of the year, and the discounts are often deeper. Bigger retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon, and department stores always go very big and offer some of the best Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday offerings.

4. Consider a cut: If you don’t feel like waiting for the grays to grow out, you can start over by getting a chop. “Sometimes there are years and years of color on the hair, starting fresh can be great,” says Roszak, adding that “a gray bob is very chic.” Aside from that, there’s no one style that suits gray best. Simply follow your heart and do what makes you feel the most fabulous.

5. Fight the frizz: The one downside to gray hair is that it tends to be coarse and frizzy, so conditioner should be your best friend. Duenas recommends Aloxxi’s Essential 7 Oil Treatment Conditioner. “It’s heavy in moisture but light in weight, perfect for keeping frizz at bay,” he says. Duenas also recommends shampooing one less time per week than B.G. (Before Gray) and using a heat protectant that adds some shine like Aloxxi’s Bombshell Shine Spray.

6. Fully commit: Letting go of your longtime hair color can be emotional, but it can also be exciting. “Processing the decision to go gray is important, as any big change is,” says Roszak. “Committing fully and embracing it is key.”

7. Have patience: Hair typically grows about a half-inch a month, per Duenas, so depending on how much help you get with highlights, the graying process can be semi-long. But don’t give up! Once you finally get there, the upkeep will be so much easier and the end result will be so worth it.

Save up to 60% Thanks to These Pre-Black Friday Luggage Deals

  Save up to 60% Thanks to These Pre-Black Friday Luggage Deals Get ready to travel in style this holiday season.As the holidays get closer, and the list of gifts you need to buy gets longer, it can be hard to remember that you can shop for all sorts of things on Black Friday besides presents for your loved ones. Think high-tech stand mixers to super-soft mattresses as just some of the items you can snag this upcoming Black Friday. Many of your favorite stores like Amazon, Macy's, Walmart and more have already started to celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday a little early this year by marking down hundreds of items on everyone's list, including tons of durable yet very much stylish luggage sets.

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