Style: Amazon Shoppers Say This Vacuum 'Works as Well' as a Dyson — but at $99, It's a Fraction of the Price

This Best-Selling Bissell Vacuum Is 3 Tools in 1, and It's Just $34 on Amazon

  This Best-Selling Bissell Vacuum Is 3 Tools in 1, and It's Just $34 on Amazon “​​It’s small so it doesn’t take up a lot of space, but it works better than my expensive cordless Dyson.”Messes are typically not created equal, which means you often need to have different cleaning tools on hand in order to tackle whatever comes your way. But every tool takes up precious space in your closet, and sometimes you simply don't want to devote inches to multiple instruments when one can get the job done. If you're shopping for a vacuum cleaner that can do it all, don't miss this top pick from Bissell that's available on Amazon for under $35.

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Spring cleaning season is still in full swing — so if you haven't started scrubbing the kitchen sink or vacuuming every inch of the house, you've still got plenty of time to jump in on the fun. Start by nabbing the Shark NV105 Navigator Light Upright Vacuum, which is currently under $100 at Amazon.

The upright device is designed with a multi-surface brush roll that deep cleans carpets and gently rolls over hard floors without damaging the wood, picking up everything from crumbs to dust. Thanks to its lightweight design, the vacuum can be easily carried or dragged from room to room; plus while it's in use, it's easy to maneuver around obstacles and into tight spaces. The vacuum has a large-capacity dust cup — which can hold up to 0.8 quarts of dirt at a time — allowing you to clean without having to stop and empty it constantly.

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The vacuum also comes with several accessories, including a detachable long wand that can be used to clean areas above the ground, an upholstery tool that sucks up pet hair and dirt on mattresses, couches, curtains, and fabrics, and a crevice tool to dust delicate areas.

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Buy It! Shark NV105 Navigator Light Upright Vacuum, $99.95 (orig. $149.99);

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More than 2,000 Amazon shoppers have given the vacuum cleaner a five-star rating, with many noting that it "works as well" as a Dyson and "stands up to heavy use." One shopper wrote, "It's a $99 vacuum that makes me feel like I'm using a $200-$300 vacuum," while another shared: "I was amazed and shocked by how much dirt and pet hair it picked up from my carpets."

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A third user called this "one of my best purchases," explaining that "this works so much better than all the crappy vacuums I used to have before I decided to put a little money into the project." They shared that this vacuum has worked without a problem for over seven years, writing, "I remember turning it on for the first time and running it over a square of carpet, hearing it pick up all the cat litter and other detritus my old Dirt Devil… had missed."

Head to Amazon to get the Shark NV105 Navigator Light Upright Vacuum while it's under $100.

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Amazon Shoppers Swear by This 'Life-Saver' Cordless Vacuum That's on Sale for $100 Right Now .
They compare it to pricey DysonsIf you're in the market for a hassle-free cleaning gadget, you can snag a popular cordless vacuum while it's on sale at Amazon.

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