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Style: Carrie Bradshaw Wears This Colorful Wrap So Much, It Basically Has Its Own Storyline

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Carrie Bradshaw knows that a beautiful wrap can have multiple purposes. It can be used as a throw, worn as a scarf, or even work as a chair cushion, as demonstrated by Sarah Jessica Parker's iconic character in HBO Max's And Just Like That.

So far, the same luxurious, colorful design has been spotted in at least three different scenes, and after some investigating, we discovered that the piece is actually a collaboration between Uruguayan brands Manos del Uruguay and Gabriela Hearst. The Lauren Cashmere Wrap in Space Dye, which retails for $2,650, is hand-knit in the country by artisans from the Manos del Uruguay social enterprise and is made of 100% Italian cashmere.

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But how did it end up on (and, at some points, under) Carrie so many times on screen? One of AJLT's costume designers, Molly Rogers, tells InStyle that she was originally looking for a beautiful throw for an episode where Carrie is in the hospital.

"I thought it would be cool if she had something that came into the room," she tells us over the phone. Once she saw the Lauren Cashmere Wrap, she realized it was exactly what she wanted. Although the piece was expensive for a prop, the throw ended up being worth every penny. "The colors are so beautiful and very Carrie with that fuchsia pink," Rogers says.

During episode five, Tragically Hip, Carrie takes the vibrant wrap with her while having surgery, where the design can be seen overflowing out of her handbag. But even after its debut, the piece continues to pop up, begging the question if it actually serves as the character's safety blanket as she tries to navigate life as a widow.

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Rogers can take some responsibility for the wrap appearing in so many episodes. Whenever Carrie was seen in her apartment, Rogers says she would position the wrap somewhere in the background.

In Diwali, the sixth episode of AJLT, there's a cozy scene set in the apartment Carrie once shared with Big. She's nestled on a chaise lounge reading Gabriel Krauze's novel Who They Was, with the multicolor throw draped over her legs. For the first time since her husband's death, she looks serene. Perhaps it's because she's found herself in a familiar setting — her pensive, lounge-y scenes were iconic throughout the original Sex and The City series. Or, maybe, it's that she has gorgeous wrap, which she apparently just can't get enough of.

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As always, Carrie's clothing and accessories come with their own storyline. Before Big's untimely death, many of the her outfits were monochrome. But as Carrie navigates life without her husband and tries to heal from the shocking heartbreak? All the colors of the rainbow have become her go-to scheme. These rainbow-themed outfits seem to play a role in the show, guiding Carrie out of the darkness and toward a brighter future. On top of her favorite wrap, she wears a sparkly, floor-length, multicolored Missoni dress from her old closet, as well as a striped, rainbow-like dress with matching plaid jacket to record her podcast.

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Still, there's something special about "everyone's favorite throw," as the show's costume department have dubbed it. Rogers hopes the fan-favorite spurs a generation of knitters. "It's an expensive wrap. Once people find out the price they're like, 'I've got to pick up my knitting needle,'" she says.

Perhaps coincidentally, the wrap also connects Carrie to a bunch of other powerful, creative women. In addition to founding her own brand, Hearst is the first Latina Creative Director of the Chloé fashion house. Her namesake collection has been worn by women such as Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie, and Jill Biden. Manos del Uruguay was established in 1968 to improve the quality of life of rural women in Uruguay, helping to create financial independence through making hand-knitted, wool goods. The company is a nonprofit of 12 cooperative workshops located in small country villages, and every garment has a tag with the artisan's signature and the name of the village where the cooperative is located. Manos' profits are shared among the cooperatives or re-invested into the organization.

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In short, this piece is more than just something pretty to look at. It's symbolic and inspiring, in more ways than one.

And knowing Carrie (and AJLT's talented team), we wouldn't be surprised if it popped up in yet another episode, styled as a skirt and pinned with a glitzy brooch. Either way, we'll continue to keep an eye out for this rainbow-hued design, which, at this point, is essentially an uncredited member of the cast.

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