Style: Bride, 27, ties the knot in a thrifted $24 wedding dress

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A thrifty bride has earned viral fame online after tying the knot in a dress that she found at Goodwill for just $24 - five years before she even got engaged.

Maranda Vandergriff, 27, from Knoxville, Tennessee took to TikTok to share she got married in November of 2020 in a vintage dress she thrifted for just over $20.

In the viral video, which racked up over one million views, Maranda shared she 'said yes to the dress at Goodwill.'

The 27-year-old is a lover of vintage clothes and had been thrifting her whole life, so it only made sense for her to thrift her wedding dress.

Maranda first fell in love with the 70s style dress in 2014 while volunteering as a model in the Goodwill Vintage Fashion Show in Tennessee.

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Despite not wearing the lace and applique covered dress on the runways, she tried it on and couldn't stop thinking about it.

When the fashion show ended, the dress was lowered to $30, and with her 20 per cent model discount, she purchased her 'dream' wedding dress for $24.

Although she had no plans to 'get married at any point in time', the avid thrifter bought the dress for the 'future.'

The 70s style gown hung in her closet for the next five years and when her partner Parker Anderson proposed, she knew she would finally get the chance to wear her Goodwill gem, but she had to make a few alterations to make it her 'dream' dress.

When she set her mind out on altering the dress, the bride first dress up how she wanted her wedding gown to look and then sought out the help of her mother and grandmother who 'taught her how to sew.'

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Maranda revealed she used lace fabric her mother purchased while in the UK to rework the vintage sleeves of the dress.

She added that her mother had hand sewn her wedding dress and Maranda wanted to 'honor her' by adding the exact small beads that her mom used in her wedding dress so many years before.

Maranda used the beads from her mom's handmade dress to stitch the open scalloped edge on the sleeves.

The 27-year-old described to her over 99,000 followers that altering her dress with her mother and grandmother was a 'special experience,' and added that it brought 'things full circle.'

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Maranda's favorite part of her dress was that she was able to incorporate 'multiple generations' of her family in the process, and added that it made her special day much more 'beautiful' because she involved her 'whole family from start to finish.'

It took Maranda and her family around six weeks to fully alter the dress, and tragically, Maranda's grandmother died before she could see the finished version of Maranda's 'dream' dress.

To honor her, the bride tied one of her grandmother's scarves around her bouquet and incorporated one more member of her family by wearing her sister's shoes during her wedding.

When Maranda saw the final version of her dress, she was stunned that her vision was able to come to life, and said although she 'took a risk,' she ended up with her 'dream' dress, which combined her 'love of vintage clothes and a piece of [her parents].'

TikTok users loved Maranda's personal touch to her thrifted dress and were shocked by how she was able to rework the gown.

One user said: 'Absolutely gorgeous!'

'I love that you used bits of your moms dress how special,' added another user.

Another user commented: 'Love it! It doesn't have to be new or cost a fortune to be beautiful.'

One user added: 'You and the dress, absolutely beautiful!'

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