Travel: Cinquantenaire de la mort de Picasso: 42 exhibitions programmed in the world

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An unprecedented "artistic" mobilization is organized for the fifty years of the death of Picasso, with more than forty exhibitions planned around the world.

  Cinquantenaire de la mort de Picasso : 42 expositions programmées dans le monde © supplied by Franceinfo

of Prado at the Center Pompidou via the New York Met, 42 exhibitions will be organized in the world for the fiftieth anniversary of Picasso's death, an "unprecedented mobilization" for "the artist famous of modern art ", according to Madrid and Paris.

Prepared for 18 months by France and Spain, the "Picasso year" will mobilize "38 major institutions in Europe and the United States," the Spanish Minister of Culture, Miguel Iceta announced on September 12 in the press on September 12 in the press on September 12 in the press on September 12 in the press in the press. , by launching the celebrations at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.


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These exhibitions will make it possible to "show all the facets" of the Spanish artist, born in 1881 in Malaga (south of Spain) and died in 1973 in Mougins (southeast of France), with a series of conferences and Debates on the painter and his work, said his French counterpart, Rima Abdul Malak.

The celebrations will start on September 23 at the Mapfre Foundation, in Madrid, with the Pablo Picasso exhibition and the dematerialization of the sculpture. They will end in April 2024 at the Petit Palais, in Paris, with a retrospective in the Paris of Moderns (1905-1925).

In total, events paying homage to the Spanish painter, described by the French Minister as the "most famous and emblematic artist in modern art", will take place mainly in Spain, France and the United States but Also in Germany, Switzerland, Romania and Belgium.

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"Picasso as it was"

among the mobilized institutions are the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) of New York, the Madrid Museum of Prado, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Pompidou Center in Paris, the Beyeler de Basel Foundation and the Picasso museums of Barcelona and Paris. The objective is to "present Picasso as it was", by putting forward his "artistic heritage" and "the permanence of his work", underlined Miguel Iceta before the Table Guernica, painted in 1937 by Picasso, the One of the most famous works in the world.

This painting - which immortalizes the massacre of the Basque city of Guernica, bombed in April 1937 by Nazi aviation, who came to support the Franco General during the Spanish Civil War - is "a manifesto for peace", added Rima Abdul Malak . This advocacy "takes a necessarily particular connotation" on time "where war rages at the gates of Europe and where we hold alongside the Ukrainian people," insisted the Minister, in reference to the invasion of the 'Ukraine by Russia.


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Its "share of violence"

Beyond political and historical references, the retrospectives organized within the framework of the "Picasso year" will be an opportunity, according to the organizers, to also look at "excesses and contradictions "From the artist. The figure of Picasso, long deified for his pictorial genius, has been deorrated for several years by accusations of misogyny and violence against his companions, placed under the spotlights from the #MeToo movement.

The author of the Demoiselles of Avignon and the crying woman, who spent most of her life in France, was notably accused by journalist Sophie Chauveau in her work Picasso, the Minotaur of being a man " jealous "," pervert "and" destructive ". "It is important that the public knows better Picasso and also knows the share of violence that there was in him. This is something that should not be hidden," admitted Rima Abdul Malak, while deeming necessary to "Do not reduce the whole work of Picasso" on this subject. The relationship to the women of the Spanish painter and sculptor will notably be discussed as part of an exhibition planned for the Brooklyn Museum (New York) in the summer of 2023.

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