Travel: Lufthansa Group leads holiday airlines together

Lufthansa pilots are ready to strike

 Lufthansa pilots are ready to strike At Lufthansa, a strike of the pilots has moved a little closer again. In a coordination, the members of the Cockpit (VC) association spoke out with a very clear majority for a labor dispute. The union reported on Sunday after counting the votes. © Picture Alliance / Uwe Anspach / dpa After the soil staff has paralyzed Lufthansa for a whole day, the pilots are now preparing for an industrial action.

The Lufthansa Group brings together its two holiday airlines Edelweiss and Eurowings Discover closer. Although the airlines remain independent, but with the Edelweiss CEO Bernd Bauer on October 1, a common boss, as the group announced in Frankfurt on Wednesday. Bauer has been running the Edelweiss with the Zurich hub since 2014. The company was and is a model for the Eurowings discover founded a year ago that offers holiday flights from Frankfurt and Munich. Both airlines fly more cheaply than the respective network companies Swiss and Lufthansa. As Chief Operation Officer, the previous boss Wolfgang Raebiger is to organize the operation of the Eurowings Discover in the future.

Eine Passagiermaschine startet von einem Flughafen. © Julia Cebella/dpa/symbol image A passenger machine starts from an airport.

Lufthansa pilots begin strike .
with a one-day strike, the pilots of Lufthansa paralyze around 800 flights. The Union Association Cockpit demands more salary and thus meets little understanding. © Michael Probst/AP/Picture Alliance The cranes have remained on the ground Most of the Lufthansa machines have been quiet since midnight. More than 800 flights are canceled this Friday. Around 130,000 passengers are affected.

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