Travel: The Lausitzer Seenland as a hiking region

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  Das Lausitzer Seenland als Wanderregion © provided by SZ - Sächsische Zeitung The Lausitzer Seenland as a hiking region

Klein Partwitz. Anja Ittmann has been able to call herself for some time. Your company Lausitzer Seenland tours founded it in 2008. Her brother Andreas runs the Quadcenter Klein Partwitz.

when the final exam was at the time before the certification, Anja Itmann had to come up with a hike as an exam task, apply it and finally carry out it. This calls her a happy coincidence today when she looks back. Because since it was founded, bicycle and hiking tours have been offered by Anja Ittmann from the start. Today, bus tours and sightseeing flights are also part of the fixed repertoire. And the New Year's Eve hike has established itself as a traditional event. This year there should be another one.

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"I have already understood the lake region as a hiking region," explains Anja Ittmann - "although the Lusatian Seenland is absolutely not known for hiking. Rather bike tourism is marketed, ”the tourist was noticed. "For me, hiking means exploring the landscape - away from the bike paths." Although hiking tours have always been moderately asked and booked, but to discover the surroundings directly on site, it is ideal to move on foot. If only because Anja Ittmann thinks very Klein Partwitz for an insider tip.

constantly on offer she has the so-called land-fire water tour. The naming provides the history of the region based on the typical professional features: Bauer, Mountain and Sailor, resembles a motif of the tourism association that markets the change under the slogan "From Bergmann to Seemann". In Anja Ittmann's case, the history of Klein Partwitz and the surrounding area is told about the emergence of the Partwitzer See based on the defruction of Groß Partwitz. The route also leads to the large nature conservation project. With all these facets, "the change of the place and the change of the region" should be brought closer, according to the Klein Partwitzin. And she is convinced that so authentic, detailed and close only a local tour guide can tell all the small and large stories that mostly have roots in your own family.

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The now extremely popular New Year's Eve hike found its starting point in 2016: Holiday guests in the village searched for employment during the day before the evening was to be celebrated. And so a tour with Anja Ittmann was suggested. Because further recommendations could be made - a visit to the cinema, go to the swimming pool. But Anja Ittmann considers everything to be interchangeable, because it would also work somewhere else. But Klein Partwitz can only be experienced in Klein Partwitz. "This way, the guests could stay here in town, but there was still a program."

and so the idea arose to offer this format the following year. Because, according to the idea, other Seenland guests also have capacities in the afternoon of the New Year's Day. It started with 25 people, and 120 people took part in the last run in 2019 - the word has also got around with locals. Anja Ittmann tells that entire families hike. And regular guests come from Lauchhammer. The stop on the beach is part of where a small snack is waiting - that too has grown. And one thing was shown in front of the eyes of the hikers.

But not only Anja Ittmann lies something about hiking in the lake country. The municipality of Elsterheide has been working on a hiking trail network as a award as part of the Simul+ hands -on fund competition.

New Year's Eve hike: Meeting from 1 p.m. at the quad center, start 2 p.m., about three hours including a long break, 10 euros per person (a mulled wine incl.), 7.50 euros per child (a children's punch including), lanterns can be brought along

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