Travel: LiveBlog: Business Night Rhineland started - "Cologne is a great location"

Tourism is again approaching Vor-Corona level

 Tourism is again approaching Vor-Corona level The number of tourism in Rhineland-Palatinate is approaching the pre-corona level again. According to the State Statistical Office in Bad Ems on Monday, around 842,800 guests visited Rhineland-Palatinate in May 2022. They booked almost 2.1 million overnight stays. Compared to May 2019 - before the outbreak of pandemic - this was 8.7 percent fewer guests and a minus of the overnight stays of 2.1 percent.

If you consider the entire Rhineland as a coherent space, it can definitely keep up with international metropolises such as Paris, London or Brussels. But the Rhineland is also fragmented. In addition to the Great Poland Cologne and Düsseldorf, Bonn, Aachen or Leverkusen also pursue their own goals as strong business locations. Bringing the decision-makers together in this prospering area are the goal of the Rhineland Economic Night of the "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger". It will take place for the first time on September 14 - on board the MS Rheingalaxy.

Die erste Wirtschaftsnacht Rheinland findet auf der MS RheinGalaxie statt. © Jan-Philipp Chluba The first Rhineland Economic Night takes place on the MS Rheingalaxy.

Several hundred relevant players will meet this evening to distinguish extraordinary and innovative economic services and success in the Rhineland. And to honor earnings from the metropolitan region for exemplary management in terms of “smart economy” with prices. Follow the evening and the award ceremony on our blog.

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