Travel: Airbnb wants to make it easier for landlords

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The accommodation platform Airbnb wandering landlords with new measures. To make it easier for you, you can get advice from particularly experienced hosts and choose Airbnb users with experience.

Wer bei Airbnb als Vermieter einsteigen möchte, kann sich künftig von besonders erfahrenen Gastgebern beraten lassen. © Jens Kalaene/ZB/dpa If you want to get in at Airbnb as a landlord, you can get advice from particularly experienced hosts in the future.

"We hope that it will help the hosts to build more trust - and to ensure that the first stays run smoothly," said co -founder Nathan Blecharczyk. Protection in property damage is also increased from a dollar to three million. The verification of all guests is to be offered worldwide in spring 2023, as Airbnb further announced.

Energy renovation: How to obtain the “Airbnb premium” of 2,200 euros maximum

 Energy renovation: How to obtain the “Airbnb premium” of 2,200 euros maximum © Getty / Ashley Cooper Energy renovation: how to obtain the “Airbnb premium” of 2,200 euros maximum Airbnb has released a million euros in order to finance a Part of the energy renovation work of the housing of its hosts. Here is the procedure to obtain the premium. Airbnb gets green. The housing rental platform announced, on October 1, that it was going to unlock by the end of the year one million euros to help its hosts finance the energy renovation work of their housing.

«Some trends from pandemic are ongoing. This includes long -term stays, »said Blecharczyk. In Germany there was one sixth more than in 2019. They have now made up 20 percent of the booked nights worldwide. The AirbnB manager sees a connection to working outside the office: "If you can work from anywhere, you can travel and book long-term stays for a long time."

The possibility introduced by Airbnb in summer not only to search for places, but also for categories such as closeness to national parks or beach, has changed demand. It is now 35 percent more often that guests book outside the top 400 travel destinations, said Blecharczyk. And on average, people booked eight kilometers away within cities than they would otherwise have done. The function contributes to the fact that guests and thus the advantages of tourism be distributed to more goals beyond the hotspots - "something that is very interested in governments," said Blecharczyk.

Condemned to pay € 189,000 for illegal airbnb rentals .
© Daniel Krasoń - It is advisable to obtain authorization from the municipality to transform a second -time tourist rental, in the cities of Over 200,000 inhabitants. The Paris judicial court has just condemned the owner of a accommodation located in the 7th arrondissement and the concierge in which he was associated, herself the owner of two apartments in the 8th arrondissement, relates Le Parisien .

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