Travel: Immobilier: Only 6% of rental advertisements comply with law

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based on a study, the consumption, housing association and living environment Pins the online rental ad sites. According to her, only 6% of them would comply with the rules in force.

thunderclap in the world of rental. According to a study by the consumption, housing and living environment association ( CLCV ), unveiled by Le Parisien, Friday November 18, 2022, only 6% of the rental advertisements put online are in accordance with the rules established in this area. "Most of them are listed in a decree dated January 10, 2017 updated in 2022 to integrate the rules of rent supervision", specified in the Parisian David Rodrigues, the lawyer of the association. Thus, when an owner decides to rent a property, he must specify the rent, the surface, the charges, if the property is furnished and specify the supervision and the deposit of guarantees necessary.

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According to the figures unveiled, 17% of the announcements put online by professionals are comply with, compared to 0% among individuals. David Rodrigues is categorical: "Among professionals, we are close to amateurism, and in some cases, we are close to the deceptive commercial practice", he told the Parisian. And to add: "We can understand that the donors do not know all the mentions to be specified but the professionals have an ethical obligation to respect the law and this result is unacceptable."

to read also drop in real estate prices: is this the right time to sell? 73% of compulsory mentions completed on average in order to carry out its study, CLCV analyzed 1,100 ads spread over three cities (Lille, Lyon and Paris) and offered by five sites, namely,, Foncia .fr, and In addition, the association explains that only Foncia achieves a score well above the other two sites of professionals tested with almost 33% of legal ads, compared to 8% for Citya and 1% the

FNAIM . The latter even does less well than PAP ... Concretely, 73% of the mandatory mentions are specified, on average, notes the study.

also read why new housing prices will continue to flambé in 2023 information that is often lacking is that of energy expenditure. Laetitia Caron, Director General of, details her point of view on the question: "Many donors do not have this information, better known to the former tenant. And they make their diagnosis of energy performance at the same time Let them deposit their announcement and do not indicate it either. "

Airbnb: € 189,000 fine for illegal rentals .
The Paris judicial court sentenced the owner of a accommodation located in the 7th arrondissement. For having rented these accommodation on Airbnb, illegally, he will have to pay € 189,000 fine, reports Figaro Immobilier. In this case, the owner is accused of having rented a second home without having declared the number of housing rental days or of having obtained any change of use.

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