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You have decided to get involved with a new adventure and look forward to booking your trip to the place that has been on your wish list for a long time?

The nice thing about traveling is that you don't need to know everything in advance, but also about a learning experience. As long as you have some basic information that cover the most important aspects of your trip, you have enough opportunities to try out and gain experience.

Traveling requires a lot of determination and courage. Even if you are a solo adventurer, an experienced hiker or an inexperienced traveler, the secret of a nice journey is to use instinctive everyday behaviors that transform your trips from something normal into something special.

I was a flight attendant for 10 years. Here are 10 of my best travel tips.

  I was a flight attendant for 10 years. Here are 10 of my best travel tips. As someone who used to fly for a living, I've mastered several strategies to make plane travel more seamless and stress-free that I still use today.Current staffing shortages, flight delays, and cancelations have left some flight attendants feeling overworked and underpaid.

In the following you will find some tips that everyone should take to heart on their travels, including the most important and obvious: the unexpected .

1. Visit not only tourist places

leave your comfort zone, not only stick to the limits of a resort or not only visit the tourist places. Instead, choose the lesser known paths. Design your trips differently from now on and therefore more interesting. Decide to explore the unknown of a place, go where there are fewer tourists. You will be surprised at how many unexpected and interesting things you will meet.

Perhaps you will find something spectacular in a place that nobody else sees like you. Every place has a story to tell and wait to be explored.

2. Focus on experiencing the experience

do not catch taking photos, otherwise you will lose sight of the essentials of the moment. Photos are a good way to keep memories awake and to remember the beautiful trips when you are at home.

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but do not allow you to miss an more intensive experience . Many tourists are so distracted by photography that they no longer correctly perceive the attraction of the moments experienced.

3rd trip with local means of transport

So you can better understand the life of the locals and slip into their skin and closely observe the patterns and culture of the place. You come into contact with people who pursue their everyday life. If you use public transport, you also have the opportunity to learn a few sentences in the local language in order to be able to talk a little.

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4. Eat in a local restaurant

Please give you a locals to give you your favorite restaurant. Choose traditional local to get to know local cuisine. All of this can help you get to know the charm of the place better, and when you leave again, all the memories will better get stuck in your memory. Even the smells can remind you of a place or an experience. In addition, restaurants for locals usually offer a significantly better price-performance ratio with a more authentic experience.

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5. Request yourself chat with someone you don't know. Do not plan everything. Go to a party. Have fun. Get to know new people. Ask locals for tips on how you can have fun at the respective place. Stand your fears and enjoy everything the unknown can offer you by trying out things that you have not dared to do so far. Take a strenuous hike. Hold special moments.

6. Enjoy being a tourist is adventurous and visits a place with a lively atmosphere, such as a casino. Meet yourself with people and have fun playing with a few

slot. Interacting with people when they are happy and alive is a great opportunity to understand their culture and views.

take the opportunity to be a tourist and try to see and take as many things as possible. Let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere of the place. Try to discover as many secrets of the travel destination as possible and enjoy every moment.

One of the best travel tips is to sit on a street corner or in a crowded place for a few hours and just watch everyday life in front of you. In this way you can really feel the pulse of a place.

Leave your soul wander and pay close attention to the details around you. The colors, architecture, the landscapes, smells, human interactions and the sounds. In this way you will perceive things that you have not noticed before.

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