Travel: A work of street art coming from Angers is hiding in the middle of Antarctica, here is its story

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Une œuvre de Fast freak, street artiste angevin, a été embarquée au pôle Sud par un chercheur. © Cex A work by Fast Freak, Street Angevin artist, was embarked at the South Pole by a researcher.

Fast Freak, Street Artist from Angers (Maine-et-Loire), exhibits in an improbable place: Antarctica. A small head evoking a figurine of the Playmobil toy brand, which he has produced, has overlooked a telescope from Harvard University since mid-November 2022. Behind this unusual project, a simple idea: to use art as a bridge between science and general public.

In the middle of a polar landscape, a small head evoking a figurine from the Playmobil brand smiles. In mid-November 2022, this work of the street artist Angevin Fast Freak found himself displayed on the BIPICE 3 telescope, from Harvard University, in the middle of Antarctica. No bigger than an A4 sheet, this childish character wears the colors of the galaxy. A great first for the artist, and probably for street art in general. "I have the impression that this is the first time that street art has been found in Antarctica," laughs Fast Freak. I asked that it is outside, since that is what I do in Angers, and in other cities in France. »

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