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The British airports want to abolish the rules for the amount of liquids in hand luggage within the next two years. As the BBC now reported, the British government wants to introduce new 3D scanners by mid-2024, the security forces allow a clearer view of the pockets of travelers.

Maximal 100 Milliliter und alle Behälter verstaut in einem durchsichtigen Beutel: Diese Regeln sorgen oft für Verzögerungen bei der Sicherheitskontrolle. Britische Flughäfen wollen sie Medienberichten zufolge abschaffen. © Oliver Berg/dpa/Archive A maximum of 100 milliliters and all containers stowed in a transparent bag: these rules often cause delays in security control. According to media reports, they want to abolish British airports.

passengers could then leave liquids without limitation as well as laptops and tablets in their pockets. According to , the measure is intended to significantly shorten the newspaper “Times” snakes on the security controls.

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Since November 2006, air travelers have only been allowed to take liquids in containers with a maximum of 100 milliliters in size in hand luggage. They must be packed in a transparent bag with a maximum of one liter of capacity and shown specially during the control. Laptops and tablets must also be taken from backpacks and bags. The measure was issued after a plan was thwarted to carry out attacks on aircraft with explosives hidden in beverage bottles.

currently test run in London

"We have just started expanding the security area in Terminal 3, which will have more CT scanner," said the head of the largest British airport London-Heathrow, John Holland-Kaye of the "Times". The Ministry of Transport set a deadline until mid -2024. Then it will be normal for passengers that liquids stay in the pockets.

According to the report, travelers who do not take objects out of their hand luggage or are on the move with more liquids are the greatest cause of delays in airport safety.

in Heathrow started a test run in 2017. The British government originally planned to introduce the 3D scanners by December 1, 2022. The deadline was postponed because of the pandemic.

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