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Takoma Park Loses Neighborhood Favorite Republic — and More Closures

  Takoma Park Loses Neighborhood Favorite Republic — and More Closures Tracking eating and drinking establishments that won’t reopenKnow of a D.C. restaurant that recently called it quits? Send the details to [email protected]

is mood in the Rhenish company The mood in the region in the region is as bad as it was rarely before. The Rhenish economy strain on energy bottlenecks and rising prices. The current business situation is still mostly positive, but it has clouded significantly since spring. "The Russian attack on Ukraine has a noticeable impact on the economy in the Rhineland," summarizes Michael F. Bayer, managing director of the IHK Aachen, the latest results of the IHK economic barometer Rhineland. "Due to the massive increase in energy prices, as a result of which inflation has increased drastically, and due to the sometimes still fragile supply chains, the economy has significantly lost impetus."

The 10 Best Haircuts for Thin Hair

  The 10 Best Haircuts for Thin Hair It's time to consider the big chop.

Die Industrie-Unternehmen blicken pessimistisch in die Zukunft. © Picture Alliance / Oliver Berg / dpa look pessimistic In the future.

took part in the survey of the seven Rhenish chambers (Aachen, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bergische IHK, Middle Lower Rhine, Lower Rhine IHK Duisburg-Wesel-Kleve). At least a third of them judge their situation as good. At the beginning of the year it was 38 percent. At the same time, the number of poor assessments has increased by four points to 22 percent. The LAGENDEX from positive and negative feedback goes back by 13 to eight points and drops significantly below the long -term average of 19 points.

concern about gas deficiency

is considered the individual sectors, the majority of respondents in industry are currently reporting on good business. But here it is above all the construction industry, machine and vehicle construction as well as in the electrical industry, which mostly give positive feedback. Overall, there is great concern about an impending gas deficiency in the industrial companies. Every third respondent states that production would have to be set by 25 percent if the throttling is throttling. In a decline of 50 percent, even 56 percent of the companies would no longer produce.

See the presentations that cutting-edge biotech companies have used to raise millions from top investors

  See the presentations that cutting-edge biotech companies have used to raise millions from top investors From 64x Bio to Faeth Therapeutics, here are the presentations that biotechs used to win over investors and raise millions to grow their companies.This year has marked a slowdown. As the global economy becomes more uncertain, venture capitalists have become cautious about investing in startups of all kinds — including biotech firms. Some private biotechs are delaying going public, and even preparing to raise down rounds.

The production -oriented wholesale still benefits from industry, while consumer -related wholesale and retail are mostly reporting bad business. Consumer buying the purchase is a problem for companies. It looks better for the service providers who are mostly satisfied. Only the respondents in the field of media and communication as well as the healthcare industry are largely dissatisfied.

The current conditions for the expectations of companies are particularly dramatic. The index value falls by 48 points-and thus to the lowest level since the beginning of the Rhineland data collection in 2003. Only as a result of the Lehman Brothers crisis at the beginning of 2009 (-41) and during the first Corona Lockdown in Spring 2020 (-39) was the index value at a similarly low level. The reason for the pessimistic outlook is the development of energy prices.

"For 84 percent of all respondents, the massively increased energy costs are the greatest risk of further economic development," says Bayer. “In industry, even 93 percent of all entrepreneurs say that. We have never determined such negative values. ”Another risk factor in the eyes of the companies is the shortage of skilled workers. And so it is not surprising that in the current situation, the investment plans of the companies are slowed down with low hopes for a positive economic development. The companies remain careful.

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