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Travel: of the tourism sees itself on course

Rebound of tourism in Turkey: Russian tourists are numerous on the banks of the Bosphorus

 Rebound of tourism in Turkey: Russian tourists are numerous on the banks of the Bosphorus against Western sanctions, many Russian tourists spend their holidays in Turkey who would have a hard time doing without them. View Ononews © Francisco Seco/Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved AP Photo The Turkish tourism industry has turned the COVID page and takes up colors. Foreign visitors are again numerous on the banks of the Bosphorus. Niko Valdes holds a fish restaurant in Istanbul.

The business of the tourist travel group runs in full swing despite inflation. "At the moment it looks very good," said Central European chief Ingo Burmester on Tuesday. "The cumulative booking stand for the coming summer is already more than 50 percent above the previous year's status at the same time." The expected booking summit is still imminent in January and February. Throughout the trip year 2022/23, the tour and the sister brands ITS and Meier's world tours are likely to exceed the sales level before the Corona crisis.

Die Geschäfte des Reisekonzerns DER Touristik laufen auf Hochtouren. © Jonas Walzberg/dpa The shops of the tourist travel group are in full swing.

According to Burmester, the price increases on organizer trips will be on average below the total inflation rate of more than 8 percent expected this year. "Because we buy our hotel and flight capacities with a lead of a year, we can also guarantee attractive prices in the summer of 2023," said the manager.

Britain’s dentistry woes are creating a health tourism boom for Turkey

  Britain’s dentistry woes are creating a health tourism boom for Turkey In Turkey, the health tourism sector is making a quiet killing from Britain’s failure to provide affordable dentistry. The post Britain’s dentistry woes are creating a health tourism boom for Turkey appeared first on CityAM.

Last minute offers become just under

for bargain hunters, however, the times become more difficult. «The airlines' last minute offer to us has become less. Today, in my view, it is cheaper to take early bird discounts with you instead of relying on last minute. » The organizer advertises up to 50 percent and flex tariffs with early bird discounts, which enable free rebooking or cancellation up to 14 days before departure for a fee.

Subsequent price increases for booked trips further excludes the second largest German tourism group behind TUI. «People want planning security. That is why the package tour is currently experiencing a renaissance, »said Burmester.

In the past year of 2021/2022, the fourth pandemiew cell and Corona restrictions burdened winter business at the beginning of the year. However, sales in the summer of 2022 were above the level of the pre-corona summer. "In total, we largely connect to the pre-corona level," said Burmester. The sales of the current winter season 2022/23 Hinke still slightly afterwards. "We are currently picking up every week."

The manager assumes that travelers will continue to choose longer, high -quality summer vacations in 2023. As early as the summer of 2022, the vacations were almost a day longer across all destinations. Likewise, higher quality hotels were booked on average. The demand in the luxury segment has increased.

Outrage After Black Teens Attacked For Swimming In 'White's Only' Pool At South Africa Resort .
Social media users are demanding answers after Black teens, ages 18 and 13, were attacked at a South African resort on Christmas Day. © Provided by TravelNoire In a now-viral video, white men can be seen grabbing Black teenagers by their necks and hair at the Maselspoort Resort & Conference Center just outside of Bloemfontein in the Free State. The events leading up to the incident are unclear. But from what we can see, the resort and these white patrons have some explaining to do. In the video, a white man appears to be yelling something at one of the Black teenage boys while he’s in the water.

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