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Travel: Extremists in the Bundeswehr: Caution when throwing out the rapid out of

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17 enemies in the constitution last year there was the Bundeswehr. The specially used coordination office in the Ministry of Defense listed it during its last investigation. 17 is a very small number. It is hardly worthwhile to point out that it has grown slightly.

  Extremisten bei der Bundeswehr: Vorsicht beim schnellen Rauswurf © provided by Berliner Zeitung

What has become significantly more, the reports of soldiers about suspicious behavior of their comrades are. There were almost 1500 suspected cases. The commission sees the very high reporting volume from the troop "evidence of the great sensitivity in the Bundeswehr for the topic".

that points to a healthy structure. Soldiers who have a bad feeling in the event of statements and behavior of their comrades are proceed and report strange things. In the social debate, the topic of extremism is becoming increasingly important, including the Bundeswehr.

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also positive: There is no evidence of an organized infiltration of the Bundeswehr by extremists or extremists or doubts about the loyalty of the Bundeswehr as a whole about the free democratic basic order.

and yet Defense Minister Christine Lamprecht (SPD) now wants to change the law in order to be able to relieve extremists more easily. Because that is often lengthy and does not always succeed. Missing constitutional loyalty will lead to expulsion in the future. The discharge should be possible to pure administrative act without carrying out a time -consuming judicial disciplinary procedure. An acceleration with the removal of extremists. Of course, while maintaining all the principles of a rule of law, as the ministry assures.

This point should not be talked too small. Concharists must be able to defend themselves against unjustified suspicions - also in court. In any case, a loss of democracy would not be desirable.

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