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Travel: Energy renovation: the calendar of rental prohibitions

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It was in January 2023 that the first thermal stores will be excluded from the rental market. The rental prohibition calendar extends until 2034. Here are the various deadlines.

Obligation of renovation, rental ban… at maturity 2023, 2025, 2028… and even 2034! You don't understand anything anymore? Do not worry, it's normal. Between what provided for the past texts, what the Citizen Convention for the Climate proposed and the provisions ultimately retained in The Climate and Resilience ... There is frankly what to get lost. Let us immediately evacuate the question of the obligation to renovate: the government has always held its line and excludes to force the French to renovate their housing. The constraints are limited for the time being only to donors, that is to say to those who carry out a commercial act by renting their property.

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insulation project first stage in January 2023

but at what horizon will they be affected? It all depends on the energy note of their property. To prohibit rentals, the public authorities are based on the decree of decency, which defines the minimum characteristics that housing must fill in to be rented. And especially in terms of energy consumption. The plan is as follows: fix a consumption threshold beyond which housing will no longer be considered decent, and gradually take it up to concern more and more goods, and encourage their owners to initiate work.

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initially, only the so -called “thermal colanders” housing, those having obtained a note F or G in energy performance diagnosis (DPE), will be affected. Or nearly 1.6 million private homes currently rented. The first threshold is set at 450 kilowatt hours of final energy consumption per square meter and per year, which refers to the most energy -consuming goods of the G label, called "G+", or around 140,000 units. It will then be noted to concern all the goods in class G, then all those of label F and finally the E, according to the following calendar:

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January 1, 2023: Rental prohibition of the housing G+ ; January 1, 2025: Rental prohibition for all LES Housing G ; January 1, 2028: Rental prohibition of all The housing F ; January 1, 2034: Rental prohibition of all LES Housing E .

The first step involved in barely two weeks, real estate professionals continue to alert the public authorities to the impossibility of taking the deadlines. "It will become inevitable to relax a calendar which is simply untenable, both for owners and for companies likely to carry out this work, and for our teams, condominium managers", worries the new president of the National Federation of Real estate (FNAIM), Loïc Cantin. In the first half of 2022, Only a few thousand donors had seized public aid to initiate work in their rented property.

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The emergency is now in collective housing, since condominiums concentrate 63% of the thermal colanders of the private rental fleet. On this point, the Minister of Housing, Olivier Klein , is committed to Facilitating the renovation course of donors , or even increasing the aid granted within the framework of Maprimerénov ’co -ownership.

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