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Travel: 99 dollars per piece - behind Trump's "Big announcement", the crowds of collective card

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Donald Trump wrote about a "big announcement" - and then presented a collection of collection cards for fans on Thursday.

Donald Trump war von 2017 bis 2021 US-Präsident. Evan El-Amin/ © Evan el-amin/ Donald Trump was US President from 2017 to 2021. Evan El-Amin/

for $ 99 (93 euros) The piece can acquire fans of glorified digital drawings from the 76-year-old: Trump in superhero costume (including abdominal muscles), Trump on a white horse and US flag, Trump on a blue-red elephant.

Trump calls collection cards "Incredible works of art"

The associated advertising video started Trump, who wants to run again for the White House in 2024, with a hymn of praise: "Hello everyone, here Donald Trump speaks. Hopefully her dear President of all time - better than Lincoln, better As a Washington. " The collection cards showed "incredible works of art" that reflected his life and career, he said.

In addition, anyone who buys cards can win "great prices", including a dinner with Trump personally: "I don't know if this is a great price, but it is what we have," says Trump.

The ex-President, who continued to deny his defeat against Joe Biden in 2020, had spoken of a "big announcement" on Wednesday in the "Truth Social" platform he had been founded, triggering speculation.

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