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Travel: Airbus plane with hundreds of passengers in heavy turbulence-video shows the waving of the devastation

It’s Terrifying What Airlines Are Missing in Their Emergency Kits

  It’s Terrifying What Airlines Are Missing in Their Emergency Kits All flights have emergency medical kits, but they may not always have what you need, which could be a life-threatening problem.t was Father’s Day this year when Matt Luptak watched his 11-year-old daughter nearly die aboard a Spirit Airlines flight. During their vacation in the Florida Keys, bites from no-see-um bugs had caused his daughter to break out in severe hives the night before their flight. Luptak gave her an Advil gel cap before boarding their Fort Lauderdale flight, hoping it would ease her discomfort on their way home to Ohio. Soon after takeoff, Sophia’s face swelled as tears poured from her eyes, and she struggled to breathe.

Airbus plane with hundreds of passengers in heavy turbulence-video shows the waving of the devastation

on a flight from Arizona to Hawaii, which calls for numerous injuries . Images from the Airbus show the full extent.

Honolulu - The case illustrates which dangers are at risk of flying if you are not strapped: during a long -haul flight of the Hawaiian Airlines from the US city of Phoenix to Hawaii, several people have been seriously injured. Because of sudden, heavy turbulence.

USA: Heavy turbulence in Airbus aircraft from Hawaiian Airlines-Numerous passengers violated

The machine, an Airbus of the A330-243 Airbus, had dropped down rapidly at an altitude of about 11,000 meters due to extreme air displacement. Then some passengers were thrown out of their seats. People flew against the ceiling or somewhere else, it was officially said. According to initial findings, 36 aircraft inmates injured themselves, eleven of them seriously. According to the authorities, a 14 -month -old child and a teenager are among them, and it also met crew members.

US redirecting flights from Uganda to five different airports to screen passengers for Ebola

  US redirecting flights from Uganda to five different airports to screen passengers for Ebola Uganda is grappling with a fresh outbreak of the Ebola virus, for which there is no approved vaccine. As a result, beginning at midnight on Thursday, the US will redirect travelers coming from Uganda to five distinct airports where they will be screened for the virus.All travelers who have been in Uganda in the 21 days prior to landing in the US will be redirected to one of the five airports. According to the New York Times, there are 44 confirmed cases of the deadly virus in the East African country and 10 deaths. Those numbers make it the largest outbreak in the country in two decades.

pictures and videos from the interior of the Hawaiian Airlines machine illustrate the dramatic extent: the ceiling cladding contains cracks, there are loud things around the floor. Passengers sit or lie dazed on their seats, sometimes they have carried bloody wounds. Oxygen masks hang down. Despite the drastic incident, the large -scale aircraft with 278 passengers and 10 crew members ultimately ended up safely.

shortly before Hawaii: Air of air in fully occupied aircraft

produced a meteorologist of the national weather service to NY Times that a weather warning was published for thunderstorms at the time of turbulence in the area above the Pacific before Hawaii. The incident happened around 30 minutes before the destination during the approach. Such air movements can be caused unexpectedly by cold and warm weather fronts, thunderstorms, jet streams or even heavy and slowly flying aircraft.

Disaster Protection Exercise at Airfield Neuhardenberg

 Disaster Protection Exercise at Airfield Neuhardenberg during a civil protection exercise in Neuhardenberg (Märkisch-Oderland district) was rehearsed on Saturday. 254 rescue workers and numerous extras were announced for the joint action of the district and the volunteer fire departments at the airfield. A total of around 300 people are involved, as the district administration announced. © Bernd Settnik/dpa central picture/dpa feuehrlünden delete a engine next to the fuselage of the replica of an Airbus A 320.

According to the Hawaiian Airlines airline, the fully occupied plane landed at 11:00 a.m. local time (Sunday morning) at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu. Immediately after landing, the injured passengers were cared for by medical staff. There are head injuries, bruises and cracks, in mortal danger.

  Airbus-Flieger mit Hunderten Passagieren in schweren Turbulenzen – Video zeigt Spur der Verwüstung © provided by Merkur Photo © Jazmin Bitanga/dpa

turbulence in the aircraft more often on flights over oceans and mountains

The Honolulu Civil Beat website quotes a passenger whose mother would have had no opportunity to strap herself on the flight. "She flew up and hit the ceiling", and the turbulence "came out of nowhere". The examinations of the HA35 flight now also refer to what extent the passengers were warned by the crew and whether the stroke signs were activated.

turbulence occurs from time to time, especially on long -haul flights. As the Portal describes, this often happens on flights over the Atlantic. It can also wiggle more often over Northern England and Northern Europe. (Pf)

I measured CO2 levels on a plane: It showed me when I was most likely exposed to COVID .
Air travel amid COVID outbreaks can be unnerving but a carbon dioxide detector can help gauge risks. Here's what a CO2 detector showed on a flight.I can't help but shudder a little every time someone coughs or sneezes as they board, and the numbers on the detector climb steadily, from about 800 parts per million to more than 1,600 ppm.

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