Travel: Disney World Will Deny Guests Their Ride Photo If They're Not Wearing a Mask

Disney's Dr. Mark works with wild animals at its parks all over the world. Here's what his dream job is really like.

  Disney's Dr. Mark works with wild animals at its parks all over the world. Here's what his dream job is really like. Dr. Mark Penning told Insider what it's like to oversee animal care, conservation, and environmental initiatives across Disney parks around the world. Dr. Mark Penning, who goes by Dr. Mark, leads this team and spoke to Insider about what it's like to work with animals at Disney, and look for new ways to make the parks more sustainable.Disney parks sent 32 million pounds less waste to the landfill in 2019 than they did in 2008.Each day, Disney World's animal nutrition center prepares 10,000 pounds of food for Animal Kingdom's more than 5,000 animals.Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.

Walt Disney World is making sure visitors take their mask rule seriously.

a man standing in front of a building: No mask, no photo. © Matt Stroshane/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty No mask, no photo.

Not only are masks or face coverings mandatory throughout the park, they're also mandatory on rides. To encourage adherence to the rule, guests will not receive photos from their favorite rides if they were not wearing their mask when the photo was taken.

The rule is in line with the company's current policy of denying a rider a photo if they're doing something unsafe — including not wearing a mask — while on the ride, the park's public relations director confirmed to CNN.

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  Disney World: Should I go after it reopens in July? Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, aims for a July 11 phased reopening. CNN Travel will help answer the question on everyone's mind: "Should I go?"The wait for a date is over: Disney has proposed a phased reopening starting on July 11 with Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. EPCOT and Hollywood Studios would follow along on July 15. Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings and the state of Florida have approved the proposal.

When the park reopened to the public on July 11, it was with a new set of rules. Disney World limited capacity each day, some attractions remain closed and signs marking off social distancing could be found in nearly every line. But as cases of coronavirus grow in Florida, one of the most visible and pervasive rules is that all visitors aged two and older are required to wear face masks while in the park.

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Visitors who want to visit Disney World must make a reservation in advance and agree to temperature checks at the gate. Rides are sanitized every two hours and ride operators are also subject to stricter sanitation rules. Even riders may spend several minutes sanitizing their hands, thanks to many new stations set up throughout the park.

Other theme parks around the world are trying different approaches to stop the spread of COVID-19 on rides. In Japan, guests at Fuji-Q Highland theme park have been asked to “scream inside their hearts” while on roller coasters for a social media challenge.

The opening of the Orlando park came just before Disneyland in Hong Kong decided to close its doors after reopening in June due to an uptick in coronavirus cases.

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