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How is tequila made? Everything to know about the spirit for National Tequila Day 2022.

  How is tequila made? Everything to know about the spirit for National Tequila Day 2022. July 24 is National Tequila Day 2022. The liquor, a key ingredient in bar classics like the Margarita and Tequila Sunrise, can only be made in Mexico.Dating back to the Aztecs, the use of blue agave in the creation of spirits is unique to Mexican land. In fact, tequila did not find an American audience until prohibition when European spirits were hard to come by and bootleggers began bringing bottles over the border.

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As a professional beauty product tester, a concerning number of bottles line my shower's walls. With that abundance, it's a little silly to be afraid of running out of anything, yet after trying a few Ceremonia products, that's exactly the situation: I'm dreading hitting the bottom of my travel-size Pequi Curl Activator, and according to users, its Aceite de Moska scalp oil is just as magical for hair that's "strong, full, and voluminous."

As founder Babba Rivera told InStyle last summer, she's especially proud of seeing the oil get its due. "The scalp remedy is so unique to us and it's truly a little miracle oil. It works on a full spectrum of hair types, which I'm really proud of, and helps accelerate hair growth and detoxify the scalp without leaving it dry or stripped of important oils," Rivera said, results that are reflected in the oil's glowing reviews at Credo Beauty.

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As one fan said, the combination of oils from meadowfoam, chia, babassu, patauá, and castor seed with rosemary extract has made a day and night difference in the amount of hair they shed. Since incorporating it into their routine, their hair loss has become "minimal" and their scalp's itchiness receded. Others likened the formula to taking "vitamins," and said that the luxurious texture feels more expensive than it is.

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After using the scalp oil on and off for the past few weeks, it's hard to say if I've noticed a difference in how much hair I lose in the shower (I would like to buy stock in Drano). But with just a few drops rubbed between my palms, I have seen it work miracles against humidity-induced flyaways, add a little curl definition, and tame some frizzy bulk.

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More users were similarly enchanted by the fast-acting effects. One said it left their hair "strong, full, and voluminous," and another was won over by how shiny it left their typically dry ends. Those with once-flaky, dry scalps were the last camp of enthusiasts: A fan said that after using the Aceite de Moska as a treatment, their tresses were "soft, smooth, and shiny."

Try the gleam queen for yourself and get Ceremonia's Aceite de Moska for $25 at Credo Beauty.

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