Travel: Calilo Is On This Greek Island, And It's Worth The Price

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Calilo, carved from the native rock, is encircled by a cyan sea, a 1,000-acre protected area, and a six-mile golden sand beach. This 30-suite retreat stands in a peaceful part of Ios, a beautiful island in the Cyclades not far from the more bustling isles of Mykonos and Santorini. Envision a tranquil oasis where art and nature are in the heart of a historic landscape dotted with olive trees.

It all started with one family's dream, and now Calilo is a tranquil retreat and an innovative conservation initiative. Their vision as a family is to preserve, protect, and nurture this alluring land while allowing others to experience the island's hypnotic magic and share in the family's dream of living there. Every facet of the home, from its stunning architecture and interior design to its impressive collection of art and installation pieces, is a manifestation of this vision.

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Calilo's Magnificent Accommodations

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Calilo can be customized to meet your every need, whether it be complete seclusion, breathtaking views of the bay, or easy access to the beach. There are 30 luxurious suites, all uniquely decorated and furnished with sleek marble. Each one- to three-bedroom villa features a unique amenity, such as a beautiful ocean view, proximity to the beach, a private pool, a swim-up bar, or a comfortable daybed.

The EOS Collection's two signature suites can be reserved separately, or all four can be linked to accommodate up to 12 guests. This collection, designed for families and groups looking for private but immersive lodging, was named after the ancient Greek Goddess of the Dawn. It features expansive marble interiors, one-of-a-kind water features and waterfalls, breathtaking sunrise views over Pappas Beach, and a private entrance and parking.

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The Sea of Smiles suite, named by Michalopoulos for its emphasis on water, is located on a hillside in Calilo, providing panoramic views of the resort and beach. Water is a significant theme in the design, which includes anything from carved wave walls to one-of-a-kind water features. The 1,800-square-foot suite contains three bedrooms, all of which have en suite bathrooms with large soaking bathtubs and can sleep up to six people. The suite's 2,700-square-foot outside space features a sitting area, waterfall, outdoor natural rock shower, and two swinging beds. Unique to this property is a private swimming pool covering more than 500 square feet and built from over 65,000 pieces of marble.

The Passage to Love suite is close to the Sea of Smiles. The one-bedroom apartment, which overlooks gardens and mountains to one side and the beach to the other, is named for its distinctive feature: a 25-foot-long water passage that leads to an interior cave pool. The 800-square-foot suite has one king bedroom with an attached marble bathroom, making it ideal for honeymooners. The nearly 2,800 square feet outdoor area includes a vast marbled swimming pool created from over 55,000 pieces, an outdoor shower, and a double swing bed set against a waterfall.

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Charming Rock Pools At The Resort

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Three distinct pool venues, each constructed into the natural stone environment and providing a unique beach and eating experience, can be found in a remote region with a view of the ocean. The pools, typically sheltered from the sun and wind by surrounding vegetation, are ideal for small gatherings of 30-50 individuals who value seclusion. The two Dreamers Heart Rock Pools are heart-shaped, while the third is more conventionally round.

Private bathrooms and kitchens are included, as well as a sitting space with a dining table, a butler for catering and bottle service, massage treatments, and everything from swinging double beds to Calilo's distinctive swings for lounging. Guests at the Rock Pools have unrestricted access to the beach, where they may go for strolls or get in their golf carts to explore the area. The Rock Pools are a beautiful setting for any celebration, and they are trendy for wedding proposals and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

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Hotel guests have first dibs on reservations, which are necessary and subject to availability. Initial rental fees for the facility and staff start at 600 EUR. The Rock Pools, built from dug and molded natural rock, is a testament to the family's commitment to conserving Ios's natural beauty. In 2022, Calilo plans to unveil up to 12 different Rock Pools, increasing the number of luxurious features available to guests.

Calilo Serves Up Unrivaled Cuisine

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Room service is available around the clock for guests who would rather lounge by their private pool and snack on artfully prepared exotic fruits. Even if one's accommodation doesn't have a private pool, they can still relax in the sun and sip cocktails as their butler brings a selection of traditional Greek tapas and mezze platters. Additionally, the restaurant at the retreat serves a range of Greek and European cuisines, both classic and modern, prepared with produce from the resort's organic garden.

  • Address: Papas Beach, Ios Island 840 01, Greece
  • Contacts: +30 2286 440740
  • Website:

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