Travel: EU complicates Visa procedure for Russians from Monday

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Brussels (Reuters)-The suspension of a simplified visa award for Russian citizens will come into force on Monday.

ARCHIV: Illustration von EU- und russischen Flaggen durch zerbrochenes Glas © Reuters/Dado Ruvic Archive: Illustration of EU and Russian flags by broken glass

"This means that the application fee increases from 35 euros to 80 euros, more documents have to be submitted, the processing times are longer and the exhibition of multiple visa is handled more restrictively, "said the EU Council according to a formal decision of the 27 member states on Friday. In principle,

had already agreed on this step at the end of August. They were also targeting a general ban on Russians that some states had called for. Russia then announced retaliation. In the past, Russia has oriented its visual moods for EU citizens to the regulations applicable in the EU for Russian citizens.

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"A visa-making agreement enables citizens of trustworthy partner countries with which we share common values," explained privileged access to the EU, "explained the Czech Interior Minister Vit Rakusan, whose country holds the EU Presidency. Rakusan referred to the attack of Russia to Ukraine. "With its reasonless and unjustified war of aggression and its indiscriminately attacks on the civilian population, Russia destroyed this trust and has taken the basic values ​​of our international community with feet."

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