Travel: Camping Tourism in Saxony in the upswing

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  Camping-Tourismus in Sachsen im Aufschwung © provided by SZ-Sächsische Zeitung Camping Tourism in Saxony in the upswing

Dresden. The hot summer of this year has rapidly rapidly skyrocketing the number of visitors at the campsites in Saxony. "It was a record season," said the Managing Director of the Pöhl Talsperre Pöhl in Vogtland, Elisabeth Blüml, in a survey by the German Press Agency. "The place was well busy. Whenever the weather was nice, it filled up."

The Managing Director of the Tourism Association Vogtland , Andreas Kraus, spoke of a "huge trend". While the figures for tourism will probably remain about 20 percent behind the 2019 values ​​before pandemic, the 2019 values ​​could be reached in the camping segment. According to

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, according to Kraus, the trend towards more recreation in nature had already announced itself before corona pandemic. "Many no longer want mass tourism." And the Vogtland has a lot to offer when it comes to nature and hiking, said Kraus. In addition, the quality and equipment of the campsites are getting better.

The campsite Gunzenberg at the Pöhl dam, according to Blüml, made a name for itself, especially as a family and dog-friendly campsite. This year it was invested in new power connections and new parking spaces for motorhomes. The camping huts are also very popular - these are semicircular wooden huts as a comfortable alternative to conventional camping.

of a record year Marcel Gundel from the campsite on the Galgenteich-Altenberg did not want to speak in the Easter Mountains. "But we were well attended and at times even fully booked." The 2019 figures could be reached again. However, the Corona years 2020 and 2021, when people were not so easy to travel abroad, were "more extreme". Last year, many guests from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg were on the pitch at the time because the school holidays were later over. "They are not there this year. They will probably have driven abroad."

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Gundel confirms the general trend towards camping. This is mainly driven by motorhome tourism. Or traveling with vans where people could also spend the night.

"For the campsites in Saxon Switzerland, it was also a dramatic season," said Mandy Krebs from the Tourismus Association Saxon Switzerland . These were partially fully booked until the outbreak of the forest fire in the national park. "And that would have stayed that way during the holidays." With the forest fire, the departure and cancellation came, some of which extended until autumn. The fire broke out on July 25th in a difficult to access part of the national park. The disaster alarm in Bad Schandau was only lifted on August 19.

affected the campsite Ostrauer Mühle in the Kirnitzschtal, said Krebs. "Booked up to the fire, then almost empty with lots of cancellation." Even now, the space is not so well filled compared to previous years. "The guests are missing."

Slowly is now going up again. "The most important weeks of the year are still lost for campsite operators," said Krebs. The Caravan Camping in Gohrisch is currently well filled again. "There was also cancellation and departure here. It will probably look pretty good for the next few weeks." (dpa)

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