Crime: Jeffrey Dahmer Once Revealed the Terrifying Reason Why He Told Police Every Detail of His Killings

What Jeffrey Dahmer Said About Gruesome Killings: 'It Became a Compulsion'

  What Jeffrey Dahmer Said About Gruesome Killings: 'It Became a Compulsion' In his final taped interview before his death in 1994, Jeffrey Dahmer said his crimes were an act of "compulsion."Emmy-winning actor Evan Peters portrays the sadistic killer, who murdered and dismembered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. Across 10 episodes, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story follows the timeline of Dahmer's murders from the perspective of his victims, the people who tried to stop him, and those who knew him.

Jeffrey Dahmer committed a series of killings that shocked the world. So much so that documentarians continue to make true crime movies and television series about him. As a result of his heinous crimes, he was called the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster. Law enforcement caught him in 1992, where he had no issue with sharing every detail about each of the murders. Dahmer once gave a horrifying reason for why he talked so much about all of the killings.

Jeffrey Dahmer killings became increasingly brutal

Jeffrey Dahmer | Marny Malin/Sygma via Getty Images © Provided by Showbiz CheatSheet Jeffrey Dahmer | Marny Malin/Sygma via Getty Images

Dahmer’s killings started with his first murder soon after his high school graduation in 1978. He picked up a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks, who he lured back to his house. There, he struck him twice from behind and strangled him to death. Shortly before the eruption of violence, they enjoyed talking, drinking, and listening to music together.

Here's Why Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Got Kicked Out Of The Army

  Here's Why Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Got Kicked Out Of The Army He left a path of trauma in his wake.Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Netflix’s newest limited series about the life of American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, has officially dropped.

His second murder wouldn’t take place until 1987, but from that point until his arrest in 1992, his methods progressively became more disturbing. Dahmer continued to drug his victims and dismember them in the killings. But, he engaged in further necrophilia, cannibalism, and preserving body parts. He was working on a shrine with his victims’ bones when law enforcement captured him. Finally, he employed the “drilling technique,” where he would inject hydrochloric acid into the brain to attempt to make his victims more submissive.

Jeffrey Dahmer ‘got off’ on telling the police all about the killings

According to Herman Martin and Patricia Lorenz’s Serial Killer’s Soul, Dahmer was very open with law enforcement about the killings. He opened up about all of the small details surrounding his crimes, but Martin was the inmate in the cell next to him who had some questions he wanted to ask. Dahmer would respond to most inmates’ questions with silence, but he actually responded to Martin’s questions, including why he was so open with the police.

Jeffrey Dahmer Killed 11 Victims In This Apartment Building

  Jeffrey Dahmer Killed 11 Victims In This Apartment Building And he kept Polaroid photos as proof.In case you are new to this real-life horror story, Jeffrey Dahmer, who is played by actor Evan Peters, is an infamous serial killer, and his crimes involve murder, cannibalism, and necrophilia. Dahmer was eventually caught and convicted for his crimes in 1992 after a 13-year killing spree that included at least 17 murders. And yes, he ate some of his victims'body parts, too.

“Because I find it extremely sexual to go over the crimes I committed, and I get off telling exactly how I took the worthless lives of those people,” Dahmer said. “Why shouldn’t I be proud and tell others? I only did what needed to be done, and I told them of all 17 because I’m proud of my attempt to rid the planet of that type of trash.”

Martin recalled that he heard “anger in his voice,” who just used racial slurs aimed at multiple communities. Additionally, he called them “all ignorant, they should all die.”

He died at the hands of another prison inmate

Dahmer was killed only two years after his prison sentence for the killings. The 34-year-old serial killer met his death at the hands of a fellow inmate named Christopher Scarver in 1994. He also killed another inmate named Jesse Anderson. Scarver believed that God told him to murder Dahmer. He was also convinced that the prison guards left them unattended on purpose, knowing that he would kill his fellow inmate.

Why Didn't Jeffrey Dahmer Wear His Infamous Glasses During His Trial?

  Why Didn't Jeffrey Dahmer Wear His Infamous Glasses During His Trial? When someone goes on trial, accused of prolific and horrific, violent crime, every detail becomes the focus of intense scrutiny, including what they wear.Upon his arrest, as another article from Biography explains, officers found Polaroid snapshots of dismembered bodies and various body parts stored in Dahmer's apartment. Britannica states that Dahmer's victims were primarily gay men of racial minorities. For this reason, there has been controversy regarding Dahmer's case, as many believe that he got away with his crimes for so long due to systematic racism (via AP News).

Martin noted that Dahmer’s presence in the prison changed the schedules in ways that other inmates didn’t appreciate. The prison further restricted their access because no one was allowed to walk around while the serial killer was taken around the halls. The prison feared that he would be a target due to the nature of his crimes, so they kept him separate from the rest of the population.

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