Crime: Tips for making phone calls and surfing while cruising

Freeze made call to number tied to escort service

  Freeze made call to number tied to escort service A one-minute call made from the University-issued phone of Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze to a number associated with a female escort service was raised as a potential issue in the back-and-forth between the university’s legal counsel and the attorney for former Rebels football coach Houston Nutt, according to records and correspondence obtained by USA TODAY Sports. Freeze resigned Thursday evening, hours after Ole Miss said it would provide a written statement to USA TODAY Sports regarding the phone call. School officials did not immediately offer a reason for the resignation.

A new mobile freedom has recently come into being for holidays within the European Union. Thanks to the abolition of roaming charges , travelers abroad can make calls and surf on the same terms as at home. On the high seas, however, there are very different rules when using cell phones, tablets and laptops. Many vacationers do not want to do without the usual access to the Internet even during the increasingly popular cruises - be it to share holiday photos, send e-mails, stay active in social networks or watch films via stream.

Telefonieren und Surfen während der Kreuzfahrt © Thinkstock Calling and surfing during the cruise

In general, caution should be exercised when using mobile data during the cruise. Regulations that protect consumers only apply on land. In addition to the elimination of roaming charges, this also applies, for example, to capping the costs for mobile data use. This so-called cost airbag usually means that the cell phone connection is automatically cut when costs of 59.50 euros are reached. Not so on the high seas.

The science of creativity shows that being bored is good for us

  The science of creativity shows that being bored is good for us Research suggests that people who want to come up with creative ideas would do well to let their minds drift.This tendency toward unscheduled downtime carried over into adulthood, and it frequently fed my creative writing process. Then, in my late 30s, I got my first smartphone—and pretty soon, my dreamy, idle periods began filling up.

Sometimes exorbitant costs

Let's put it this way: On the open sea, there are very different rules when it comes to mobile voice and data traffic. Most cruise liners now have a mobile network. To do this, the ship's system is connected to the base station of a mobile phone provider on land by satellite. In order for the traveler to be able to use the usual offers on the high seas, there must be a roaming agreement between his mobile operator and the operator of the satellite network. Depending on the agreed conditions, the costs for the customer fluctuate.

In any case, those involved can afford to pay dearly for these so-called maritime services for mobile connections. A consumer protection center warns that a megabyte can cost up to 30 euros. This small amount of data is just enough, for example, to send 20 emails without a photo attachment or to open five websites. Anyone who calls at home using a cell phone also has to dig deep into their pockets. Depending on the provider, between three and seven euros per minute may be charged. Incoming calls also cost up to seven euros per minute of call. The classic SMS is comparatively “cheap”. It costs between 40 cents and 1.50 euros.

The red U11 is HTC’s phoenix phone

  The red U11 is HTC’s phoenix phone There was once a time, before Samsung’s meteoric rise to the top of the smartphone sales charts, when HTC was the leading innovator among Android phone makers. But the past few years have not been as fruitful for HTC, which has produced a series of beautiful disappointments. This year’s U Ultra was another compendium of bad ideas, and I was just about ready to admit to myself that HTC would never again return to its glorious position of leadership. And then this fiery red U11 landed on my desk.

Avoid online banking on the high seas

If you do not want to do without the use of the Internet on board, you should inform yourself about the ship's own WLAN offers. There are often special packages that can be booked before departure. For example, they range from minute-by-minute billing for little surfers to large data volumes at a fixed price. Before starting their vacation, travelers should find out exactly what the costs and conditions are from the shipping company and their mobile operator.

For example, the question of what happens when a booked data package is used up is also important. If the connection continues to go unnoticed on the same terms, there can quickly be a nasty surprise at the final billing. The general rule is: With open WLAN networks, increased caution is required when handling personal data. For example, online banking should be avoided if possible.

China blogger highlights generational tensions over marriage

  China blogger highlights generational tensions over marriage A Chinese female blogger who posed as a man's Lunar New Year girlfriend says her experience illustrates the generational tensions over finding a marriage partner in China. Zhao Yuqing, a recent law graduate, said she was intrigued by the websites and mobile apps aimed at single people looking to hire an instant partner whom they can present to relatives during the new year holidays.

The consumer centers still have these special saving tips ready:

* If you only want to check e-mails once in a while, you can simply visit a café, hotel or restaurant with a free WiFi hotspot when you go ashore.

* For longer stays ashore in the same country, the purchase of local prepaid cards can be worthwhile.

* If the ship is near the coast, the cheaper mobile network of the local provider can sometimes be used on land.

* Do you think the roaming costs stated in the mobile phone bill are too high? Customers can generally object to certain claims within eight weeks of receipt; the provider's SMS on the roaming costs should be kept for evidence

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