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Crime: Injured Jovic celebrates and violates corona rules

Trump and allies try to rewrite history on handling of police brutality protests

  Trump and allies try to rewrite history on handling of police brutality protests The president’s false account of his trip to a secure bunker is part of a larger effort to downplay or whitewash the administration’s handling of the George Floyd protests.

Ex-Frankfurt's Luka Jovic has again escalated the anger of his Real Madrid club.

Hat sich erneut nich an Corona-Regeln gehalten: Luka Jovic. © Photo: Bruno Fahy / BELGA / dpa Didn't follow the corona rules again: Luka Jovic.

The injured striker again did not comply with the corona rules at a barbecue party, reports the Spanish newspaper «AS» in its online edition. The 22-year-old is said to have celebrated with friends and did not keep the required safety distance.

On his Instagram professional, he first posted a photo in which he could be seen bare-chested with a friend, to whom he put a hand on his shoulder. More friends could be seen in the background. He later deleted the photo, which can be seen in the "As".

Groups of up to ten people can currently meet in Spain, so the party itself was not illegal. Nevertheless, the behavior of Jovic, who had had a broken foot, was not well received. Real, in particular, criticized the posting of the photos because of the non-compliance with the distances to his friends. Also that - as can be seen in the photo - he strained his foot in an orthosis contrary to the recommendations of the doctors.

Jovic had previously attracted negative attention during an illegal quarantine trip to the Serbian homeland.

Corona warning app has already been downloaded 6.5 million times .
© Firn / Around 6.5 million citizens already use the Corona warning app from the German government Despite all the criticism in advance, the Corona finds -Warn-App of the federal government apparently well received by the population. This is supported by 6.5 million downloads within a single day. The Corona warning app published by the Federal Ministry of Health appears to be of great interest to the population.

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