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Crime: U.K. man who poisoned man he met on Grindr with ‘devil’s breath’ drug gets life sentence

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A U.K. man who poisoned an Irish dancer with a date-rape drug known as “devil’s breath” has been jailed for life.

In October, a criminal court in Croydon, just outside of London, found 26-year-old Joel Osei guilty in the 2019 killing of Adrian Murphy, a 43-year-old Irish dancer.

His former girlfriend, 19-year-old Diana Cristea, was also convicted of the same offenses.

The two were arrested after the body of Murphy was found in his South London apartment in June 2019.

Murphy had worked as a dance teacher and a choreographer at the Royal Academy of Dance, but was on a year-long sabbatical at the time of his death.

Investigators say that Osei and Cristea targeted gay men by arranging to meet their victims through the popular gay dating app Grindr, and drugging them with a substance that’s said to be “popular with robbers and rapists” to incapacitate their victims, according to a prosecutor in the case.

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Osei would arrange to meet their victims and drug them to render them unconscious so he could steal their belongings. He would then hand the property to Cristea, who would sell the goods online.

a man looking at the camera: Joel Osei © Provided by New York Daily News Joel Osei

Joel Osei

One night in early June, 2019, Osei was seen walking into Murphy’s apartment, leaving a few hours later carrying a bag, “which later transpired to be full of items stolen from Adrian.”

The incident was recorded by security cameras, according to police.

The next day, Cristea’s cell phone was used to take photographs of the items — which included laptops, phones, bank cards, and clothes — to post them for sale online.

The two also charged $3,000 in one of the victim’s credit cards to buy computer software, police said.

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Later that day a PayPal account was created in Murphy’s name, but registered to a former address of Cristea’s. An attempt was then made to purchase $80,000 worth of goods from a diamond jeweler in New York.

a man walking on a city street: Adrian Murphy © Provided by New York Daily News Adrian Murphy

Adrian Murphy

On Friday, as Justice William Davis handed Osei a life sentence with a minimum term of 32 years, he told him that, “You left him either dying or dead. And what did you do then? You set about using his debit and credit cards which you had stolen,” according to the Irsih Examiner.

“You gave Mr Murphy, quite deliberately, a significant dose of a drug which you know could cause death. That much was said in clear terms in the first piece of literature you looked at.”

Osei was also given a concurrent sentence of five years in prison for administering a poison or noxious substance so as to endanger life against the surviving victim, the BBC reported.

Cristea is scheduled to be sentenced at a later date.

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