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Crime: A lock that defends itself - Skunklock anti-theft device

Protect your packages from porch pirates: 7 practical tips

  Protect your packages from porch pirates: 7 practical tips USPS or Amazon package stolen? Here's how to stop it from happening again.As online shopping increases, so do deliveries -- and unfortunately, many of those delivered packages sit unattended for hours on people's front porches, attracting thieves. The same study found that 43% of respondents reported having a package stolen -- up from 36% just one year earlier. And of those who have had a package stolen, more than half have had it happen more than once.

A new U-lock comes from the USA that has its own defensive mechanism. If it is cracked, it sprays irritant gas.

  Ein Schloss, das sich wehrt - Diebstahlsicherung Skunklock © Skunklock

If you want to protect your two-wheeler against theft, you can use the good old U-lock as additional security. With a special tool, however, professionals can crack this additional safety device in no time at all.

Gas versus thieves

Now comes a U-lock from the USA that actively defends itself against attempted break-ins. The Skunklock U-Lock does exactly what its name suggests. The skunk lock counteracts thieves with a gas attack. If the lock is opened forcibly, its interior releases an over-smelling gas, which is also said to cause dizziness and nausea. The Skunklock inventors naturally tested the lock extensively and had to vomit every time it tried to crack it.

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The defense gas special defense gas called "Formula D_1" is hidden inside the bracket and is under pressure. If the lock is broken open, it escapes suddenly and incapacitates the thieves, but without leaving any permanent damage, the manufacturer promises.

Anyone who loses their key as a lock owner can request a new one using a special code. The manufacturer's website leaves open whether the use of irritant gas locks is legally permissible in Germany. The lock is permitted in the USA.

From around 180 dollars

The Skunklock itself also offers a lot of mechanical resistance to thieves. It is made of high-strength carbon steel and offers a drill-proof closure. Three keys are included in the scope of delivery. It is nearly 30 inches long and 17 inches wide. The bracket has a diameter of 24 millimeters. A print warns thieves of the irritant gas it contains. In the US, the Skunklock lock starts at around $ 180. In Europe it can be obtained from the relevant online wholesalers.

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