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Crime: 2 North Carolina police officers on leave after video appears to show them punch man

Minneapolis officers line up to reject Chauvin's actions

  Minneapolis officers line up to reject Chauvin's actions MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The parade of Minneapolis police officers rejecting a former officer’s actions in restraining George Floyd continued at his murder trial, including a use-of-force instructor who said officers were coached to “stay away from the neck when possible.” Lt. Johnny Mercil on Tuesday became the latest member of the Minneapolis force to take the stand as part of an effort by prosecutors to dismantle the argument that Derek Chauvin was doing what he was trained to do when he put his knee on George Floyd’s neck last May.

Two North Carolina officers accused of beating a man during an arrest were placed on administrative leave, a police official said.

Part of the assault was captured on cell phone video and posted on Facebook. The footage appears to show an officer repeatedly punching a man, identified as David Lee Bruton Jr., as he was lying on the ground. A second officer joins in on the scuffle.

Kinston Police Chief Tim Dilday said the 17-second video captures the end of the arrest, which began just before 6:40 p.m. Monday at a restaurant on West Vernon Avenue.

a building that has a sign on the side of a road: Kinston Police Department in Kinston, N.C. (via Google) © Provided by NBC News Kinston Police Department in Kinston, N.C. (via Google)

"Upon arrival, officers discovered that there was an ongoing disturbance involving customers which rose to the level of an employee triggering the silent alarm to gain necessary, immediate assistance from law enforcement," he said at a news conference Tuesday.

'Disturbing': Windsor, Virginia, police officer fired after using pepper spray at traffic stop

  'Disturbing': Windsor, Virginia, police officer fired after using pepper spray at traffic stop A Virginia police officer accused of pepper-spraying a Black and Latino military officer during a traffic stop in December has been fired.Army Lt. Caron Nazario has filed suit seeking more than $1 million against police officers Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker, and video from the officers' body cameras and Nazario's cellphone went viral last week.

Several people were involved in the disturbance, but Bruton was said to be "the proximate cause" of it, Dilday said. According to a police incident report, Bruton, 36, allegedly threatened to slap a woman at the restaurant.

Officers attempted to detain Bruton, but he walked away and left the store, Dilday said. After he was found nearby, officers tried to arrest him again but he led them on a foot pursuit.

The incident report states that Bruton tripped and fell as he ran and was taken into custody on North Queen Street, where a witness in a car filmed video of his arrest. During the scuffle, he allegedly kicked one of the officers in the stomach, the report says.

Dilday said an investigation into the officers' use of force began immediately and the incident is being "thoroughly investigated."

Georgia police officers push for change in hopes of ending fatal encounters

  Georgia police officers push for change in hopes of ending fatal encounters In Savannah, police are working to be a part of the community. Anthony Watkins is an officer with the Savannah Police Department who took part in the class. The improv drill asked participants in the class to pretend they're on a bus and to mimic the bus driver's overly theatrical behaviors.

The officers, identified by the department as McKinley Jones and Kevin Page, are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation, a standard procedure.

"I can assure you that we are doing all that we can," Mayor Dontario Hardy said at the news conference.

Mayor Pro Tem Felicia Solomon said Monday's incident adds to an ongoing nationwide discussion about police brutality.

"It is very clear that it is not just here in Lenoir County, in Kinston," she said. "So, there's no way that this can happen and occur in our own backyard without us doing a greater measure of work."

Bruton was charged with intimidation, simple assault and disorderly conduct. His bond was set at $500. It's not clear if he has obtained an attorney.

His mother, Cynthia Bruton, said that the officers need to face consequences for what happened.

“We are really grateful to God that he is alive,” she told the Free Press. “Because he could’ve been one of those taken out by police but he was not. Just looking at the video last night, one would have thought he was beaten to a pulp, but as far as we know, he’s OK.”

1 verdict, then 6 police killings across America in 24 hours .
Even as the Derek Chauvin case was fresh in memory — the reading of the verdict in a Minneapolis courtroom, the shackling of the former police officer, the jubilation at what many saw as justice in the death of George Floyd — even then, blood flowed on America’s streets. And even then, some of that blood was shed at the hands of law enforcement. At least six people were fatally shot by officers across the United States in the 24 hours after jurors reached a verdict in the murder case against Chauvin on Tuesday. The roll call of the dead is distressing:A 16-year-old girl in Columbus, Ohio. An oft-arrested man in Escondido, California.A 42-year-old man in eastern North Carolina.

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