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Crime: What is the identity movement?

Vincent Shogun, ex-star of the ch'tis, mad in love with an immo agent ... the identity of his half unveiled!

 Vincent Shogun, ex-star of the ch'tis, mad in love with an immo agent ... the identity of his half unveiled! He does not hide anymore. Vincent Shogun is crazy in love and do not hesitate to unveil it in the open and especially on Instagram. The old star of the ch'tis even revealing the identity of the new elected of his heart. © Instagram Vincent Shogun, ex-star of the ch'tis, crazy lovers of an immo agent ... the identity of his half unveiled! It seems far the time it went a torrent of tears for Hillary.

L'ANTISECHE - Damien Rieu a rejoint Eric Zemmour. Ce cadre du Rassemblement national est aussi un identitaire. Mais qu'est-ce que ce mouvement? Chaque jour, l'antisèche du JDD répond à une question pas si bête que ça, pour mieux comprendre l'actualité. © AFP

The Anti-Peche - Damien Rieu joined Eric Zemmour. This framework of the national gathering is also an identity. But what is this movement? Every day, JDD's antisic answers a question that is not so stupid as that, to better understand the news.

The identities are the people claiming from a current of thought of the extreme right that advocates the defense of European civilization, with an ethnic approach of those who compose it. Damien Rieu, who announced Thursday his rallying to Eric Zemmour while one of the collaborators of the main adviser of Marine Le Pen, Philippe Olivier, is one of the main figures of this movement in France. Here are others: Philippe Vardon, one of the pioneers of identities in Nice and who joined the RN, Jean-Yves Le Gallou, intellectual and former EUROPEAN MP, Thaism of Escufon, an old spokesman for identity generation.

China opens new doors in the Middle East

  China opens new doors in the Middle East The Biden administration has moved Europe to restrict China’s access to its infrastructure but is ignoring the Middle East.Washington's primary concern in the Middle East appears to be a revival of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran. Beyond reaching a renewed nuclear arrangement with Iran, the Biden administration has made it clear that East Asia and Europe are its priority concerns. And both China and regional actors have not failed to take notice.

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Identities have long denounced the multiracial society, sometimes flirting with racialism. Since the years 2010, the speech has softened, but it always remains a deep rejection of Islam. The symbol of this movement is the Greek lambda, the symbol that the Spartans wore on their shields, especially during the wars faces to the Persians.

Actions and communication

The identities know above all to make them talk about their actions and their communication. In 2010, they enter a Quick Hallal in Villeurbanne shouting "Islamization is enough". There was also the occupation of the site of the Poitiers Mosque in 2012, the rental in 2017 of a boat in the Mediterranean to protest against NGOs that come to the rescue of migrants, a mobilization on the border between Italy and France, in the middle of the mountain, with the rental of two helicopters One of the main movement of this ideology, generation identity, was dissolved by the Government in 2021. This organization was indirectly from radical unity, dissolved in 2002 after the Attempted assassination against Jacques Chirac by one of its members. Identity youths were then created after this dissolution. From the merger of Identity Jeunesses with another party was born in 2012 Identity Generation.

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Teenagers Shot Man Dead, Stole His Puppy on New Year's Eve: Police .
The three teens, one just 15, also stole the man's car, in addition to gunning him down and taking his pet, officers said.After serving search warrants at "two locations" in Richmond, the suspects were "taken into custody without incident.

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