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Crime: Köster, Kraus, Kretzschmar: The "German Handball Awards" 2021

German Retreat by Handball EM From the Table

 German Retreat by Handball EM From the Table Notwithstanding the next Corona Depths for Germany's handball players, those responsible for departure from the EM tournament decide. Again there are postnominations. © Provided by German Retreat by Handball EM from the table The debate for a withdrawal of German handballs from the EM in Hungary and Slovakia is from the table according to SID information.

until the 31st of January the public election of the "German Handball Awards" 2021 - with there are some EM heroes and former world champions.

Auch sie könnten einen © imago images (3) Also you could clear a "German Handball Award": Julian Köster, Mimi Kraus and Stefan Kretzschmar (V.Li.).

election is running until January 31

The "German Handball Awards" were launched by the specialist portal "Handball-World.News" and the magazine "Bock on Handball". For the first time, the handball personalities are now awarded 14 different categories.

in the category of men are found, among other things, DHB captain Johannes Golla, whose playman Marcel Schiller, but also Kiel's superstar Sander Sagosen. Alina Grijseels and Merel Frerik's are also at the women from the German Master Borussia Dortmund. Among the rising grades of the year is sometimes Julian Köster, who has set a famous European Championship. A subcategory also deals with the Handball Influencer of the Year, where among other things, the two 2007 World Champion Pascal Hens and Mimi Kraus and Stefan Kretzschmar around the award argue.

"Handball and his protagonists deserve even stronger in the limelight - and with the German Handball Awards we want to create another building block," Andre Tzschaschel, Managing Director of "Handball World" and publisher of "Bock on Handball" , quoted.

Here's the way to vote!

Handball: Villeminot True to MHB .
© provided by Handball - Montpellier: Villeminot Extends until 2025 Kyllian Villeminot remains true to his trainer club! The 23-year-old French half-center extended its contract on Monday with the Montpellier Handball, where he started his professional career in 2016, until June 2025. "I am very happy and proud to continue the adventure here. Playing the Montpellier Handball was a dream since small and this extension was naturally.

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